Winston Churchill Quote

The great Winston Churchill said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

I think you need to view failure like Thomas Edison who, when commenting on the invention of the electric light bulb said, “I had to succeed because I ran out of things that would fail.”

I’ve read hundreds of stories of successful people, and I can’t remember a single one that didn’t experience some level of failure. Furthermore, it seems as if the most successful people have failed much more. The more success, the more failure experiences a person has had. It’s just that the failure never stopped them.

By the way, the previous step of the journey is here.

Many People are afraid of failure.

Kerrie and I are not. We’re way past that. With each failure, we can see a sort of hidden message. The message tells us not only how what we did wasn’t going to work but opens a new door to something that will. All we need to do is walk through those doors and keep our attitude together.

The ultimate success of our venture is not up to us. We don’t get to see our final result in advance. We see it in our vision, but usually, the vision is blissfully free of the failures.

So amidst all this, we embark on a gruelling work schedule. Usually, the day begins at around 4:00 am and ends at around 9:00 pm seven days a week.

There are interruptions to this routine. There’s the MRI for Kerrie’s tumour which praise be to God is confirmed as not serious. There’s an operation or two for me, and there’s a constant attempt to keep fit by walking.

We love what we do.

Now, lest the reader thinks this all a bit depressing, let me assure you it’s not.

We spend our days in a great deal of peace and contentment. Sure there are moments like working hours on end for days on a problem that threatens to destroy your resolve. But we’ve learned the hard way that when this happens, get up and walk away. Preferably leave it overnight, and when we get back to it, there’s a solution waiting.

It’s fascinating, fulfilling and exciting. But it’s only that way because we’ve learned to cope with failure and setbacks.

So, it’s amidst these Mountains and valleys that we ever so slowly claw our way ever forward.

The program gets better with every change.

The web pages begin to come together into a recognisable, cohesive picture. The help files get upgraded, and new videos recorded one by one.

The testing, ever the testing, is continued by Kerrie with every angle of every new addition or change painstakingly tested to the finest detail.

One thing we know for sure. Even if no one ever subscribes to Simple WorkSafe we know it works and works extremely well.