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Wandering Australia

12 years living and working on the road and still going strong

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Just add water…

Add Water… We’ve been away from Disney cattle station and the Gore earthmovers for the last 6 weeks. It was dinner dates, coffee breaks and

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Kuranda Train station

Showing Chris Cairns

Changing Chris’s mind I love Cairns, always have.Chris hated it.He went there once on business in the 1980s, in the middle of summer, with no

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Twin Hills Races were a blast…

Twin Hills is the property next door. They have a proud heritage going back to 1925 when they held dances and other events on the property. One of the events is the yearly country races, rodeo, camp draft, and gymkhana set over four days.

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New Age Hire Van

A trip to Brisbane

If you weren’t aware, we had some issues with our beloved Aussie Wide Caravan. A storm had caused water damage to the front and side panel of the van and needed to be replaced.

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On-Line Bible Study Group for Travelling Christians

Come, let us reason together (even when travelling).
Why God?

Why God?