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A day cleaning

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The Old Home and Annexe
The Home at New Norfolk

I didn’t sleep as well last night, the caravan was too quite…no snoring. They say rain is coming but I’m not so sure about that. They describe the rain on the forecast as “sprinkles”. From what rain I have seen that means by the time you have figured out the noise on the roof is rain it’s gone.

Anyway, I started the day washing everything I could find, clothes, inside walls, outside walls, annex and the car. The old man next door said in all the years of marriage he never let his wife wash the car. Where was my husband? I did not want to tell him I’ve only seen Chris wash a car once and that I did it all the time, so I told him he was away on business and I was lost today. He was happy with that explanation.

Now I must admit I love the changing colours of the Poplar Trees but I have now decided I never want one in my yard. The mess they make. The annex is full of leaves as they blow in. The manager runs around on the mower picking them up in the mornings but if the wind is blowing forget it.

The walking path around the river is enjoyable except for the 50 stairs near the beginning. At least there is a landing halfway up so you can have your heart attack in peace. If I do this every day while I’m here I should get better, fingers crossed. There are so many ducks and swans along this river and all the way into Hobart where the river meets the ocean.


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