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A flying visit back to Brisbane:

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"See Mum they're so soft."

I know it’s only been 2 weeks since we left Brisbane but here we go again.
Two reasons for the trip back.
1. Emily is flying to New York for a month.
2. The Accountant is fitting us in during her lunch break.
Emily is doing an intensive drama course on Broadway, as well as attending acting lectures at the University of New York run by her old Lecturer from ACU Dr Tracey Sanders.
Even though Emily only did one semester of a Bachelor of Arts degree she has kept in contact with Tracey and was encouraged to go to New York after winning the Rocky Horror Show competition.
Even though she works full-time as Manager of Cue at the Logan store, Emily has put every other bit of spare time into dance, singing and drama lessons.
She wants to get back into the whole drama scene and when she returns from New York she has auditions for NIDA, The Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne and the University of Perth.
We are so proud of her “Going after her dreams”.
She’s willing to keep going until she makes it no matter what the obstacles.
Her passion has replaced the world’s usual problems that can stop any of us from achieving our dreams and just like her father, she refuses to let these problems stand in the way of her dream.
Staying in New York City and attending Broadway – that’s two of her dreams already achieved by age 21. Way to go Emily!
This is not to say she doesn’t put everything into her full-time job either.
On her return home, Emily has been asked to take on the management of the new store at Garden City Westfield now that the new wing of the shopping centre is nearly completed. She can still outsell most of the staff at Cue.

We got away from the farm Thursday and stayed the night with Barry and Christine. Unfortunately Barry had to start work at midnight, but we caught up with him again in the morning before he went to bed. Catching up with Barry is always a great pleasure for us.
We then headed over to the North side to visit Karen and then to our accountant. I’ve been seeing Shauna, our accountant, for 23 years and it was nice of her to give up her lunch break to fit us in. As usual, we do a lot more talking and catching up than paperwork.
We spent the next two nights at David and Lacey’s place. On Saturday we all headed off to the “Real Food Festival at Maleny” where we spent most of the day enjoying the great food and talks on home gardening and food preparation.
The Real Food Festival has a wonderful variety of food from Sunshine Coast producers, manufacturers, retailers and restaurants and it’s a unique opportunity to talk to, taste and buy from them.
There were presenters at various venues so we split up so we could attend a few. David, Lacey and Chris went to learn about keeping chickens as David has been thinking about getting some chooks at home. They found it very helpful and even went back to the presenter’s display to continue learning how to clip the chicken wings.

I went to Dan and Steph Muleron’s Sausage making class. Dan and Steph won the 2013 My Kitchen Rules. I learnt a lot and afterwards, we all had a sausage from their stall.
I now know how to get that crunch when you bite through your homemade sausage and can’t wait to try it out at home.
There was also a “McDonald’s Farm” which displays baby animals. We wanted to show Elliana the animals as after visiting the farm she knows the difference between sheep, cows and horses.  At first, it was a bit overwhelming as we had bought food and the animals were hungry and in her face, as they desperately tried to get at the food she carried, so we took her back again later in the day when most of the animals were asleep or a lot more contented. She loved touching and feeling the animals and we loved watching her. 

"Now Elliana this is where lamb chops come from" “Now Elliana this is where lamb chops come from

Here we are planting lettuce to take home.
Here we are planting lettuce to take home. Sunday we headed over to Jennie’s place where she had prepared a feast for lunch as a Bon Voyage lunch for Emily.

It was good to catch up with Ashley, Lish and the kids, Barry and Christine and of course Emily and Jennie.

Ashley, Barry, Chris and Charlotte going through the door.After a leisurely breakfast, Monday morning Chris and I headed back to the farm about to head off on another adventure.

Where are going…WEST!
During the weekend away Martyn had rang and asked if we wanted to cook for an Earthmoving company for about eight weeks.
We have assured Toby, the manager of Koramba, had no objections to us leaving our greenhouse and shade cover behind and that we would be allowed back to the farm. We said yes!
What will we learn next?




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