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A hectic day of last minute jobs

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What a day.

Started at 4:30 am finishing the installation of the tubes at the back of the van for carrying the annex poles, fishing rods etc. Removed the skylight and replace the timber base that was showing its 41 years. What a mongrel job! Removed the wheel bearings and greased them and greased the springs, tow ball and brakes. Also painted the rest of the chassis behind the wheels. Perc has inspired me to carry on with the meticulous maintenance he always put into the van. It’s what has kept it in such remarkable condition for over 40 years. Also, it’s our home now and it deserves to be maintained to the best of our ability. The window catches that were supposedly repaired with the reno are about as much use as a chocolate teapot so I’ll need to fix them again tomorrow!

Shawn came round this evening to say goodbye and he gave me a fantastic new fishing reel as a going-away present. What he didn’t know was that I threw my best reel out after the last fishing trip with Barry after breaking it and I was going to get a new one before we left. I’ll miss Shawno as well.

Finally finished at 7:30 pm after running out of paint and light. Kerrie is having a final dinner out with the girls. It will be a hard one for her I think.

By Kerrie:

Yes, it’s hard to say goodbye it’s not like you are going on holiday for a few weeks. But we had a lovely dinner at Indian Brothers at Redcliffe. My choice this time and I wanted to go there as I drove past it every time I went to see Dad, then Mum. It was something to look forward to after a very emotional few weeks. So we enjoyed the laughs and the wine and I will catch up again when we pass Brissy. Otherwise, Skype is always handy.

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