A--holes, angels and ordinary folk

A–holes, angels and ordinary folk.

Caravan related forums and social media posts have many stories about “a–hole” truck drivers while truck-related media has plenty of referrals to “a–hole’ caravanners.

After living on the road, full time, for nine years, here’s a summary of our experiences.

We’ve met, and continue to meet, some a–hole truckies, but we’ve also met some absolute angels driving trucks.
Additionally, we’ve met a good number of a–hole caravanners and some caravanning angels.
Even in your standard car driver group, we’ve come across a good number of a–holes and a whole lot of angels.

In each of these groups, the a–holes and, to some extent, the angels have been in the minority.
In all groups, the majority are ordinary folk.

What’s an “Ordinary Folk”

Ordinary folk are people just going about their business as best they can with no desire to interfere with what others are doing.

Most of the time, the true a–holes in each group will always be a–holes, and the true angels will always be angels.
Ordinary folk can turn into either an angel or an a–hole in some situations, but mostly they mind their own business and try to avoid temperament extremes.
Most ordinary folk will run a mile from confrontation yet be ever ready to lend a hand if required.

Careful – Don’t Generalise

It’s unfair to label any group based on their occupation or what they drive.
We’ve learnt to regard every group as ordinary folk until they prove otherwise.

If someone reveals themselves as an a–hole, we’ll take every possible step to avoid them. Confrontation only makes the situation worse for YOU and turns your otherwise good attitude to crap.
If someone reveals themselves to be an angel, we’ll take pains to let them know how much they’re appreciated.

Ordinary folk seem to understand that everyone, caravanner, truckie or private motorist, have the right to use a road. They lack the a—hole’s arrogance, which causes them to believe they “own” the road.
They understand that the speed limit is a maximum, not a minimum.

Caravanning ordinary folk take the time to learn how truckies want them to react will driving. They don’t take up room in truck rest areas.

Doing What’s Right

Ordinary folk have a natural willingness to do the right thing by other road users as well as enjoy their road trip. They usually don’t allow emotions and feelings to determine their decisions whereas the a–hole almost always does.

So, when you’re out there try to avoid the a–holes but don’t react when you inevitably encounter them.
Respect all road users and reward the angels.
Most of all, try to be the ordinary folk traveller whose enjoying life to the full.
There’s a wonderful mix of people out there using the road.

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