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A marathon work day

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A Salmon Farming Barge

Well, we just underwent a marathon all day and most of the night stint trying to solve a problem on the University’s network drive. The only interlude from work was when I went for a walk down to Strahan’s town centre and the port to clear my head.

This proved to be a great walk because I was able to watch a barge loading and being inquisitive I asked a young bloke working on deck what they were loading. This young fellow was the nicest young bloke you could hope to meet and he told me he was the Skipper of the barge and that they were loading food for the second largest salmon farming operation in Strahan. The food was palletised mackerel combined with plant material and he loads 100 tons per day 6 days per week. He was also loading a large number of blue bins similar to skips that were half filled with an ice slurry.

My young friend told me these were for storing the harvested salmon that were bought back to the factory the next day, sent to Devonport and then to Adelaide for filleting and smoking. From there the Tasmanian Salmon would be delivered to the world. They harvest approx. 10,000 fish per day! After the salmon harvest period which lasts about 9 months the load the young Skipper ferries to the giant salmon farm changes to large tanks filled with fingerling salmon.

These are pumped into the “pens” on the farm to grow for the next year when they will be separated out to growing tanks for the final year of their lives when they will be harvested as well. This is a huge operation and obviously highly successful but for me, the most inspiring part was when the Skipper told me the whole venture was started by a husband and wife team! Although they sold out to a larger company these two people had the original vision and then went through all the trials, heartache and challenges of turning the vision into a commercial enterprise. They succeeded!


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