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A meeting with a good friend

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After a very late night building a video for the university to demonstrate the extra programs they want we made our way into Melbourne. We were going to take the train but as we were running late we decided to drive. Kerrie did a masterful job of driving through the city and it was actually very easy.

We met up with our friend Bruce who has been such a great help to us especially when we first installed our Campus Operations program at his campus in Melbourne. It was a great feeling to walk up to that big smile and feel like you’d never really been away, he seems so familiar. We had coffee and talked and will have dinner with him at his home next week with Denise, his wife. We are looking forward to it as they are not only great company their passion is gourmet cooking and their food is so delicious.

We also caught up with our friend Tabatha who was a fantastic help in setting up the program in those early days. Turns out she lives just down the road away from the caravan park we’re staying at.

On the way to Melbourne, I got a call from Rose, my sister, from Christchurch. It was a big relief as even though I knew she was OK I wasn’t able to contact her. We will catch up properly in the next couple of days.

The inner city of Melbourne is an exciting place for sure. Our image of Collins, Bourke and Exhibition streets where we had our business meeting today, will be of business suits, trees, trams and food outlets. So much food and everyone trying to be the best. It really is a wonderful atmosphere.

Kerrie walked her feet raw the full length of Collins Steet and then back to the University where we left the car. All in all about 8 – 10 kilometres.

(From Kerrie) I only walked it for a bargain. Katmandu had the microfibre towels I wanted on special from $59.99 down to $14.99. That was worth walking for.
I must admit I did hop on a tram for two stops on the way back but only had a note to purchase a ticket and the machine wouldn’t take notes, so I hopped off again.

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