A New Business Plan

A Business Strategy Meeting

The 3-day journey back to Brisbane from Lardner park became a mobile strategy meeting.

We went through everything we were doing in the business. We looked at what was possible, what was impossible and every likely consequence.

One thing this exercise had told us was that there was a definite market for our product, but we would need to take the emphasis off some features and put it on to others.

It was clear that we needed to go back to 100% internet marketing, which is what we always planned anyway. How did we go down the rabbit holes of the last two years?

By the way here’s the last step of our business journey.

To have any chance of “making it” in the world of online marketing, we’d needed to get some things exactly right. The marketing would fail if any of these things weren’t right.

The Product

For the product to be sold by subscription without the “one on one” collaboration of vendor and customer, a change was needed.

The issuing of passwords and usernames, the updating of access permissions when someone cancelled a subscription, the help file videos needed clarity so users could easily get to know the product and the list went on. Even the name needed to change to be more internationally acceptable.

These were hard decisions! After labouring for three years to build the software, we’d need to spend another unknown amount of time to change it.

The Customer

To have a clear idea of a marketing strategy we needed to identify to whom we’d be selling. Our ideal customer.

During the shows, we had plenty of the usual “Health & safety is all crap” and “We never needed Health & safety in my day” people. These were never going to be our customers. These were generally people who had nothing to lose. They did not risk huge fines, court cases that could last for years, massive increases in insurance payments and possibly even loss of their freedom if an accident occurred in a business that they controlled. Mostly these people missed the vital point that nowadays business is governed by powerful laws that carry severe punishment if broken.

Our ideal customer understood this and that businesses were losing court battles every day over health and safety mismanagement. Our ideal customer knew he needed to approach health & safety management systematically, the same way he approached his accounting and bookkeeping.

We just needed to reach this ideal customer.

The Marketing

There’s a seemingly endless list of things that are needed to nail internet marketing. A failure in any of those things could mean the difference in making it or not.

We decided to invest in a marketing system that made it easier to manage and synchronise all the many parts like the advertising process, the web pages, the web content, the sales process, the subscriptions, the email sequences after purchase and the list goes on.

We became part of Click Funnels.

Staying put for a while

It meant we’d need to set up a base where we could put in the long hours required to make this all happen.

We decided we’d need to become caravan park dwellers alternating between Bells Beach Caravan park in Redcliffe, Scarborough Holiday Park in Scarborough and Lawnton showgrounds – 6 weeks in each.

While Kerrie took a deep dive into Click Funnels, I began the intricate process of changing the programme.

Once again the caravan became the office.

Once again we’d need to fine tune our budgeting as there would be no income. Getting a job for either of us would have prolonged this part of the journey to the extent that we’d never arrive at the destination. It would turn out to be another stint of 14 -16 hour days with little or no break!

Were we prepared to pay this price?

From both of us, there was never a question about it. Yes, we were prepared to pay the price.

The next phase of the journey is here.

The Caravan Office