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A Post for Barry

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After setting up at the Caravan Park in Clermont I was surprised to see a Trayon slide on camper the same as Barry’s pull in.

It had a canoe on top which sparked my interest.
How was he going to get the Trayon rigged without removing the canoe from on top?
What I saw was an ingenious self made rig which made me grab the camera and ask the bloke if I could take some pictures for my brother Barry.
The large 14 foot Hobie canoe, a foot propelled model, was sitting on a home made rack.
To open the Trayon and set up, the owner simply pulled out the rear rack that the canoe sat on.
It was telescopic.
The front rack with the front of the canoe stayed where it was and the back swung round clear of the roof allowing the top be folded out and set up.
The owner was a great bloke, ex farmer, who told me all the tricks to getting it right.
He had also combined a home made set of tool boxes that were part of the structure which sat in the narrow gap between the cab and the camper.

The rig extended over top of the cab creating even more space in the form of a rack. He had a second inflatable foot propelled canoe up there for his wife.
He had a slightly extended flat deck under which was a large drawer running the deck’s full length. It was easily pulled out and was packed with a huge amount of stuff.
The Farmer and his wife took about 10 minutes to fully set up.

He will be out at Theresa Creek Dam the same time as us so I’m looking forward to seeing his canoe in operation.

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The swing out canoe stand



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