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A problem with the Aussie Wide.

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Before today we had only encountered 1 problem with the new Aussie Wide van.

While staying at Wurtulla in the midst of a night time rain storm we were horrified to enter the van witness water dripping in from two places over the bed.

David helped me get a tarp over the roof and we slept in David and Lacey’s house for the night.

In the morning we phoned Mark at Aussie Wide and found he could not do enough for us.

Within an hour he had organised for repairs to be carried out on the Sunshine Coast and we were back in the van the next day. We’ve not had a water problem since – that is until this morning.

After watching the antics of the local birdlife over breakfast we noticed water on the van floor.

Cheeky and almost tame

At first I thought it was condensation from the skylight even though we’d never had that happen before.

Kerrie discovered the water coming from under the café seat and an investigation revealed a brass elbow joint connecting the hot water hose to the hot tank had sheered in half.

Hot water system elbow sheered in half

How this one in a million occurrence could happen we don’t know.
Probably it was wrenched too tight on installation – who knows?

Mark at Aussie Wide was away for the day and we dealt with the foreman who told us the great news that it was a specialised fitting and would take a couple of days to send to us.


We found we could get one of these special fittings in Harvey Bay so we decided to pack up and head there.

We had to go back through Gayndah so I decided to stop at the town plumber to see if he could suggest anything.

He was so helpful and he silver soldered the fitting for us and refused to accept any payment at all.

We decided to head back to the Claude Wharton weir to fix the repaired elbow and stay another night there.

With the hot water fixed and a beaut new spot looking down the Burnett River we relaxed for the afternoon and watched the glorious sunset.

Sunset On The Weir

We met some people also watching the sunset and these people, after enquiring about our Aussie Wide, turned out to be only the second couple we have met who owned an Aussie Wide van.

They ended up selling theirs for more than they paid for it so they could downsize to a 22 footer. They bought a new Supreme and they said they are nowhere as happy with it as their Aussie Wide.

They said they always feel a soft spot for their old van whenever they see another Aussie Wide.

So here we are settling down to another night free camping on the Burnett River feeling at peace with the world.

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