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A quick look at Ayres Rock and the Olgas!

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The morning bought another change of plan as Kerrie was in pain again. This was REAL pain, more than she’d experienced since arriving at Alice Springs hospital a week ago.

It was in the same spot, her kidneys.

I go over to the shop at the cattle station at Curtain Springs where we spent the night to ask about where the nearest medical assistance may be. I was admonishing myself for not turning back to Alice Springs yesterday.

The person at the shop tells us there is actually a medical centre at Yulara (Ayres Rock Resort) about 80km away.

We got Kerrie dressed and she took one more of the 5 powerful painkillers they gave her at Alice Springs hospital. I unhooked the caravan feeling confident it would be fine left at Curtain Springs as at least 30 vans had stayed the night and a lot of people had unhooked to drive in to see Ayres Rock.

We then took a fast trip into Yulara where we found that the medical centre had a really well set up emergency room. There was a nice doctor there who thought Kerrie’s kidney stone may be stuck in the urinary tract.

Her gave her a large dose of morphine for the pain and suggested we return to Alice Springs hospital right away.

With the pain now removed we were able to take a quick look at Ayres Rock and the Olgas before we left Yulara and sped as fast as was safe back to Curtain Springs.

A quick look at Ayres Rock before heading back to Curtain Springs

A quick look at Ayres Rock before heading back to Curtain Springs

As we past the magnificent scenery and a herd of feral camels Kerrie began to feel better. It must have been the morphine but by the time we arrived back in Curtain Springs she was adamant that she didn’t want to return to Alice Springs, but instead wanted to continue south.

There were at least 20 camels in this herd.

There were at least 20 camels in this herd.

I set myself up to drive non stop the 450 km to Coober Pedy thinking that at least there was a hospital there. I topped up with fuel at $2.37 per litre ready for the drive.

A strong head wind pushed the van all over the road from Curtain Springs to the Erldunda Roadhouse causing probably the worst fuel consumption since we’d been on the road. I was so thankful I spent the money to top up at Curtain Springs as we would have run dry for sure.

At the Erldunda Roadhouse we filled up with fuel again with Kerrie not only felling better but looking better.

She urged me not to drive through the night to Coober Pedy but to stop at Indulkana on the Northern Territory South Australia border for the night. She said she was feeling better by the hour.

Indulkana was a very pleasant spot to free camp with toilets and water available.  We were accompanied by about 20 other vans, mostly heading north, and the proximity to others was actually rather comforting. We had a good long hot shower each
and settled in for wonderfully comfortable night with Kerrie feeling well.


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