We got our caravan back…yah!

If you weren’t aware, we had some issues with our beloved Aussie Wide Caravan. A storm had caused water damage to the front and side panel of the van and needed to be replaced.

We used a hire service called Camplify and hired an 18-foot van from a lovely couple to use while our van was being fixed.

A 6-week repair turned into an 11-week nightmare ending only when Chris gave the ultimatum that it had to be finished by the 31st July. The company had employee issues due to car accidents and delayed parts, but we couldn’t hire the replacement van anymore as it was already booked out.

Even on the drive back to Brisbane on the 30th we weren’t sure if everything would be completed. We ended up on the side of the road when we had good phone service and speaking to the owner going over all the details. Even then they had forgotten items like replacing the awning.

New Age Hire Van

The hire van an 18ft New Age

I must admit it wasn’t going to be an easy night’s sleep.

Now to add to the adventure we free camped at Gin Gin and around 9:30pm a car alarm went off disrupting our peace.

We hate car alarms and were complaining about inconsiderate people when I put my head outside the door and realised it was OUR car.

Chris ran outside naked while I’m finding the car remote to shut it off and grabbing Chris’s dressing gown for him to put on. We eventually “killed” the culprit…a large moth that had set off the motion senses in the car.

Yep…sleep wasn’t coming easy that night.

Eventually, we got the Aussie Wide back all fixed and spent the next afternoon and evening swapping everything back between the two vans.

Good idea’s and lots of work.

Chris had the “good idea” of having a spring clean. That means, NOT putting everything back. We have wanted to have the van weighted professionally to see if it is legal. This would be a prime time to test our “guess work” of weight.

We have culled over the years from what we originally thought we “needed” of this lifestyle but this time we wanted it under the limit.

Spice jars were replaced with small plastic containers, no glass sauce bottle, they went into plastic bottles. Every item was securitised, was it needed, had it been used, could something lighter take its place? Garbage bags were piling up, rubbish bags, storage shed bags, Lifeline bags.

Plastic Containers
Garbage bags of items

We now have empty cupboards.

We’re sure we’re under the weight now.
We headed down to Caboolture Public Weightbridge and for $30 you can get an official weight in.

WHAT! We’re 30kg OVER!. Nooooooooooooo!!

Even though we have a towing capacity of 3 tonne our caravan can only hold ATM 2690kg we were 2720kg.

We blame our mattress. Plus a 4in memory foam topper or could it be the lambswool overlay, the electric blanket or the mattress protector? Looks like a new mattress is on the cards.

When we look at other caravans and see the utes loaded, a boat on top, every item under the sun in the vans we shudder to think what they weigh.

Caboolture Weigh Station

The earthmovers fend for themselves.

Now while we were away, we left the earthmovers to “fend” for themselves. They had a few more days of the shift to go. We left plenty of food on hand and each was given a night to cook for the others. They did wonderfully, often sending us photos of their culinary masterpieces.

Jimmy’s culinary delight

We had a lovely time while away catching up with family and friends, walking along the water at Redcliffe and eating out at a few of our favourite restaurants.

But everything comes to an end and we happily drove the Aussie Wide back to its new home at Disney station.

We both noticed how light the van was to tow so maybe the “spring clean” was a good idea.