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A week on the road already

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Well everyone a whole week has already passed since we left Brissy. Even though we’ve been living in the caravan now for 12 weeks we’ve technically only been on the road since last Thursday. We have adapted to life in a confined living area very well I think and we are actually enjoying the simplicity of our new lifestyle. We don’t want for anything, we are both sleeping SO well and we are cooking and eating with absolutely no problems. Even getting dressed in the mornings poses no problems. It’s just great. On a relationship level, we simply don’t believe the old saying “Familiarity breeds contempt”.

We have spent virtually no time apart for 12 weeks, living in a confined space together and spending every day together. Even though we talk to plenty of others our main conversations are between ourselves. I can honestly say that from my perspective I feel closer to Kerrie each day. I never get sick of her being there and I still miss her for the short periods we are apart.
Our conversations always seem to be new and we still have a few silent moments between us where we have nothing to say to each other. We don’t fight and any slight tension that arises is usually mine and a word of encouragement from her will calm me down completely. Kerrie is always smiling always happy and always positive. I can genuinely say I love her more each day.

There are times that we have to pinch ourselves to make sure it’s all real – all the blessings God has given us and the way He provides. As for the caravan we have set up the annex as we will do each time we stop for more than a couple of days.

We’ll use the annex whenever we stay more than a couple of days

It lets us spread out that bit more and it’s perfect for setting up the chairs and watching TV.

We should have the SpaceCalc programmed installed in our customer’s offices in Exhibition Street on Tuesday and the university has asked for a demonstration on some of the other modules of our Campus Operations Management System that they want “bolted on” to SpaceCalc.

Emily phoned me yesterday as she had a problem with her tax and I so much wished I was there to fix it for her.

There’s not one of you that we don’t miss dearly. Despite the excitement of our daily lives we never stop talking about and thinking about all of you.

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  1. Hello Chris and Kerrie

    I have read your short stories. You both have a brilliant way with words. Mal and I have been to the Dandenongs and had a ride on the same train. I remember the colorful birds the most. You must have seen some of the effects of the fire that went through there 12 months ago. Only 6 weeks for me before I hand in my ID card. They have picked someone to take on my role which is good. going to Cairns and Thursdy Island next week to settle some matters. No cooking for 5 nights, you beauty. The Broome trip is coming together. I am flying Glenn and Kirsty over and Sandra and Denis will be there as well. There will be the five of us to wave to Mal at the top of the staircase to heaven. Her cousin Neil from Hobart was here last week and we went to see her site. I will visit Neil and another cousin in Tassie next Feb/March. Still trying to finish Kirsty’s fence. You two sound like you are having a great time. Bet you can’t wait to get onto the ferry. and commence your travels around Tassie.

    all my love Ian

    1. Thanks Ian.
      I’m looking forward to your retirement for you as well my friend.
      Didn’t see many effects of the fire at all except a couple of burnt out houses.
      I think the land has the ability to recover remarkably quickly.
      Sorry we can’t be with you in Broome, it would be nice.
      One of the highlights for us in Tasmania will be the arrival of my brother Barry and my Sister in law Christine.
      They’re coming to celebrate Kerrie’s 50th with us and we’re so looking forward to it.
      Keep well old mate and stay in touch.
      Luv Ya

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