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Action starts early Monday

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Up early today so we can get to the fridge repair place to see if they can look at the fridge urgently.
We booked in the fridge for Thursday 1st thing, so we pack up and head off to Bruny Island till Wednesday arvo when we shall return to Hobart Showgrounds.

We divert to Bridgwater to pick up our new Honda genny shipped from Melbourne only to find it had been shipped to bloody LAUNCESTON!
They are getting it sent to Hobart overnight so promises were made that it will be here for us Thursday.

So we finally set off to Bruny and excitedly look forward to our reunion with Barry and Christine.

We arrive at Kettering, a beautiful little coastal town not that far from Hobart, just in time to board the ferry to Bruny Island.
About a 15 minute ferry ride and we’re on Bruny.

Catching the ferry from Kettering to Bruny Is

Catching the ferry from Kettering to Bruny Is.

First impressions were, “What’s so special?”

Then we started passing the small bays, crossing the Isthmus to South Bruny and driving to Adventure bay where we would stay for the next 3 days.

We discovered a place of stunning natural beauty!

Our Office window overlooking Adventure Bay

Our Office window overlooking Adventure Bay.

We set up the van about 50 metres from the beach at the Captain Cook Memorial Caravan Park where our “office” overlooks Adventure bay.
Just as I write I’m looking at the sun just about to rise over Penguin Island to the south of the bay.

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After setting up the van we drove around and then over the island’s mountainous interior via a 4wd track.
We saw the most amazing views from the summit of Mt Mangana and checked out an old sawmill that operated here for a hundred years before it ceased to be used 50 years ago.

Clennetts Top Mill

Clennetts Top Mill.

Down the other side of the mountain found us passing the little hamlet of Lunawanna and then on to Allonah where Barry and Christine where staying.

We found that while we were over their side of Island looking for them, they were over our side looking for us. We have mobile coverage but they don’t.
We left them a note and went on to the Adventure Bay lookout and Penguin Rookery where we met them at dusk.

The veiw from the top of 238 steps is worth it.

The veiw from the top of 238 steps is worth it.

We decided to wait there till after dark in the compounds specially set up for viewing the Fairy Penguins as they return from the sea after leaving before first light to catch fish for their young.

The veiwing platform to see Penguins returning to the rookery.

The veiwing platform to see Penguins returning to the rookery.

Unfortunately some tourists will persist in spoiling the very thing they came to see.

We have seen this often such as walking through a pristine forest only to have the magical silence broken buy a group of people chattering at the top of their voice about shit and totally oblivious to the wonder which surrounds them.
In this case the anticipation and excitement of watching the remarkable Penguins return was destroyed by a woman who simply could not shut up and a dickhead with a powerful torch shining up and down the beach.
Both these actions are specifically warned against in the surrounding notices and the one poignant point they make is if you do this stuff you won’t see the Penguins and the young will not be fed.

So we left disappointed but went back to Barry and Christine’s where we had a wonderful meal and a glass of wine in front of a roaring fire.

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