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An Apology

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The greatest ever disappearing act is the one that occurs every day – to the 16 hours left after 8 hours sleep.

The last few weeks have flashed by and we’re sorry we’ve not been diligent in posting to the blog.

Work has been the main focus of our existence as we struggle to get this uni job completed.

Far greater effort was needed than we ever could have imagined and both the technology behind the program and the sheer weight of work required has taken us to the very limits of our mental and physical ability.

We often start work at 2:00am or 3:00am and seldom finish before 9:00pm, often only breaking briefly for meals or a short trip to the shops.


Because we made a commitment to get the job done!

And we firmly believe that the results of this work will save the university (and any other organisations that use the system) many millions of dollars. Lots of those dollars, close to half in fact especially in Australia, are taxpayer’s dollars.

There have been 4 main breaks from this workload over the past few weeks;

  • We moved to Wantirna from Coburg, since the school holidays brought about a ridiculous price hike in the daily rates at the van park at Coburg.
  • We spend a wonderful day at the Sofitel hotel in Melbourne at a conference.
  • I fly to Brisbane for a day to try to help David with a Sunshine Coast Council issue.
  • We take delivery of the new home.

Moving to Wantirna

Wantirna is about 26km from the Melbourne CBD and is close to a major shopping centre , Knox City.

It’s close to the Dandenong ranges and as such feels a few degrees colder.

The Van Park is not as “pretty” and “upmarket” as Coburg but it is nice and the managers are friendly and helpful.

We got a drive through site and reserved the adjoining site ready for the arrival of the new home.

The Sofitel Conference

The Sofitel Conference

The Sofitel

We attended a conference called “Computing in the Cloud” at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne’s CBD. We were presented with the “Cloud” technology which offers a way to easily make programs available to prospective customers via the internet and we feel it will be the next step in the business dramatically streamlining the whole programming side and making it very easy to get applications to the market.

It was a wonderful day out and was completed by a cocktail party of exotic foods and Champaign.


David had a hassle with the Council in trying to get his carport approved and I flew up home to give some help in a meeting he had with them.

I didn’t end up doing much to help because David and Lacey did a great job of handling it themselves but it was lovely to see them (and Roxy) again. The house at Wurtulla is looking good and it will be spectacular when their changes are completed.

The new home.

By far the most exciting part of the last few weeks was finally taking delivery of the new home.

We picked it up last Friday after a thorough 5 hour “training” session with the guys at Aussie Wide Caravans who were great.

A few last minute changes were made and some anxious moments occurred when it was discovered the money had not been paid.

Mark, one of the partners of the company had given us the wrong bank account number.

Fortunately the money bounced back straight away to our account and we were able to fix it all up with minimum hassles.

After a detour to the factory that is making the awning walls we headed across the city to Wantirna with the new home in tow.

It drove beautifully with the Nissan hardly knowing it was there.

Setting up was so simple and easy and took literally a few minutes and were able to experience the “mother of all luxuries” HOT RUNNING WATER!

By this time it was evening and we made the new bed and since we were parked “door to door” to the old home we were able to easily transfer the necessities across.

The first night in the new home was fantastic and yet tinged with a little sadness as we both couldn’t help missing the cosiness and the wonderful nights in the old home.

Because of the workload we could spend only minimal time in the first few days in setting up the new home.

We kept the 3 laptops and 2 extra monitors set up at the work desk in the old girl so we could continue to work.

We’ve no idea how we will cope with the reduced work area in the new van.

If we continue to get these big jobs we’ll just have to find a nice spot, park up and set up the annexe as an office.

The challenge now was what to do with the old home.

We both felt strongly that God wanted us to give it to someone but no one was standing out.

Of course we couldn’t let it go before the new van arrived, we can’t let it go till we finish this job, but we need it sorted before we head to Queensland in a week or two, so timing was important.

God is seldom early and never late.

A lovely young couple heard about the new van and asked if they could buy the old girl.

She still turns heads everywhere we go.

They bought their kids through and they talked about how they loved caravanning but that they refused to get into debt for their “things” so the old girl was perfect for the money they had and the lifestyle they wanted.

We both knew these were the ones and we ended up making the old girl a gift to them providing they wait till we finish this job and are ready to move on.

The timing as usual was perfect.

So now we live in the new home and go off to work each day to the “office” about 1 meter away.

It’s comical each morning as we kiss goodbye and make some comment about being careful on the way to work. I arrive first and Kerrie gets there later to the comment, “How was the traffic in?”

So there you have it – a brief summary of the last few weeks.

Hope you like the photos of the new home and we‘ll see most of you in Brissy within the next couple of weeks.

The New Home

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  1. Hey Guys
    Really great journal you are keeping up. I live in Uk and have land to use my touring caravan but I must admit the scenery is not has good. I cant seem to leave a comment on the Carport article but I have been looking for something like this for a while. Can you tell me who supplied it?. Good luck on your journey and hope to hear from you. Phil

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