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Arrive at Stanley

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We left Devonport at about 9:00 am and made our way onto the Bass highway pointing toward Stanley where we intend to stay for 4 days. The first part of the trip to Burnie was a markedly different trip from the one we took just a few days ago.
It’s amazing how a change in weather and a change in attitude can impact how you see things. The last time we came through this way we were in awe of the landscape and the visual buffet that was laid before us. This time was different. The weather was cloudy and quite cold and a low cloud seemed to permeate the entire landscape. Not that it wasn’t beautiful, it was. It was just that after some family issues it was like we were viewing the world through different eyes. It’s amazing how the mind works. If your thoughts are predominantly negative your whole life tends to follow suit.

It really is true what the Bible says in Proverbs 23:7 That as, (a man), thinks in his heart so is he. We are what we think and we can’t escape that fact.

Anyway enough waxing lyrical, on to Stanley. Stanley is the oldest port in Tasmania and I have to say it is one of the prettiest places we have seen Barry and Christine sang the praises of Stanley to us as did a work colleague from the University. They were right! The town is very picturesque even on a grey and rainy day and a walk around the waterfront gives the impression of a wild, place where the wind and the treacherous seas dominate the activities of the town.

The townspeople have a reputation for friendliness and we discovered very early that this is correct. When we checked into the van park the lady in charge could not do enough for us. We might just as well have been in a luxury hotel in the centre of Melbourne. She even phoned all the places we intended to visit to ensure we could get a site and we could enjoy Stanley knowing we had confirmed sites for the next leg. This lady was one of the best customer service experts I’ve ever met. It didn’t stop there. The whole town is the same. Friendly, relaxed and beautiful! I couldn’t resist the temptation to get out the rod and reel and the deck chair and wile away a couple of hours with a line in the cold but crystal clear waters of Stanley.

As is the norm whenever I chuck in a line the secret message flashes around the fish community – ” Jonesy is here we’ll just laugh at his pathetic attempts to catch one of us!” Well, fish, I DON”T CARE, it was a wonderful, peaceful couple of hours and Kerrie was true to her word. As I left she yelled after me, “I’ll put the curry on in an hour and a half”. I’m glad she did as fish was definitely not going to be on the menu choice. I can’t wait to explore this wild and wonderful place tomorrow.

(From Kerrie) I have only seen crayfish/lobster in supermarkets or on a dinner plate. At Stanley, they bring them in fresh and are in bins in the fish shops for sale. These things are huge, over 50-60cm long, not including their claws. You would never get them on your plate. Tasmania is known for its Crayfish, oysters, cheese and so much more and I want to experience it all. Lucky for us, we are both losing weight from all the walking. Not that I know how much, as I was not allowed to bring the scales. But the clothes are fitting better.


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