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Ashley, Lish and the kids visit Koramba.

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Riley in the tractor

Ashley phoned up last Friday morning to see if we were going to be home as they’d decided to take the drive out to the farm to visit for the weekend.
After the dinner was cooked, served and cleared away we drove into Goondiwindi to meet them at the motel were they staying.
This was easier for them than trying to set up for the kids and themselves in a room on the farm.
It was great to see them and after a brief stay giving them directions to the farm we left them to settle down after the long drive and we drove the 110km back home.

Driving these distances, 220km after dinner, doesn’t bother us any more and we often remind ourselves how, in Brisbane, we thought travelling from the North side to the South side was a long way.
Now we drive 220km return trip for a good cup of coffee.
I think the distance was a bit of a shock for Ashley but luckily the kids travelled really well and slept most of the time.
They arrived at the farm Saturday morning and after a coffee Chris took Ashley, Lish and Riley around the farm while I looked after Charlotte.

Little Riley was fascinated with everything, T Bone the steer, the workshop with all the tractors and sitting in the big John Deere. Shannon was working over at the workshop and even he commented on how Riley didn’t want to leave and kept squatting down to look at things more closely.
Chris Took Riley and Ashley for a drive in one of the John Deeres and as the engine roared into life Riley was overwhelmed by the rumble and roar and for the fist and last time was unsure if he liked farm life.

Charlotte was such a good little girl and happily played, had a bottle and then went to sleep.
All too quickly the day was over and we had to go and prepare dinner. Ash and Lish went back to Goondiwindi where they would get an early start Sunday for the long drive home. Hopefully, with Riley being so busy all day he slept really well at night. I think Ashley would have too.
How wonderful it was to see them!

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