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Cooking up a Storm

The routine at the Gore Remote Site Camp is established now and we’ve come to know the likes and dislikes of most of the crew. They’re not big breakfast eaters and they don’t take huge lunches, but they all have a hearty appetite by 6:30 pm dinner time. We had a great time over the […]

Getting to know Disney

We’re settling into a nice routine at Disney station. We’ve met all the terrific people that own and run the farm. They’re all helpful and keen to share information about the property they are all obviously proud of. The youngest farmhand is Bailey whose just six weeks old.

Back on the Road

I can’t believe we’ve been alternating between caravan parks in Brisbane for 16 months! A few annoying health issues have kept us stationary with just the occasional trip out to Koramba to break the feeling of being squatters. One thing that never changed was our love of living the simple life in the caravan. Occasionally […]

Success Consists of …

The great Winston Churchill said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” I think you need to view failure like Thomas Edison who, when commenting on the invention of the electric light bulb said, “I had to succeed because I ran out of things that would fail.”

A New Business Plan

A Business Strategy Meeting The 3-day journey back to Brisbane from Lardner park became a mobile strategy meeting. We went through everything we were doing in the business. We looked at what was possible, what was impossible and every likely consequence.

The Next Big Hope – Lardner Park Victoria

Back To Queensland From South Australia The drive back to Queensland from South Australia involved yet more decisions. In all the heartbreak and disappointment, it was still enjoyable and inspiring to travel the endless hours talking non-stop with Kerrie. I can’t remember us having a single argument even when the pressure to give it all […]