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Nothing’s Easy!

Pittsworth in the Rear View Mirror Off we drove from Pittsworth feeling confident that we’d at least experienced our first show even if we didn’t think any sales would eventuate.

Goodbye Koramba

At Koramba Farm, cotton irrigation is now in full swing and the camp routine has settled back into a more orderly manageable routine after the grain harvest when the camp was bedlam – jam packed full of backpackers, harvesters and experts rebuilding some irrigation systems. Crop dusters are constantly landing and taking off from the […]

Nothing remains the same.

Nothing remains the same. Life has been wonderful for me, especially the last 14 years or so spent with Kerrie. We’ve been blessed with a lifestyle that’s allowed us to see a great chunk of Australia, work when we want, play often and love unconditionally. We’ve never faced real hardship as our faith and trust […]

We’ve loved having Fiona here

Since the day Fiona arrived to help us run the Koramba Camp we’ve had the most enjoyable time with her infectious bubbly, positive and happy disposition. She’s not only taken on every job we’ve asked her but she’s completed tasks,  jobs, repairs and improvements herself as she’s identified the need. This has made our job […]

The camp’s operating again

It’s good to see Koramba buzzing with activity again. Everything’s gearing up to take advantage of the massive amount of water that’s been dumped on the farm over the last few weeks. Every available acre of land that’s not already growing barley will be planted in cotton. The dry, brown landscape has been transformed again […]

It’s been so long!

Our last post was in November 2015 when baby Luke was born – not far off a year ago. It seems like just yesterday. Life in the caravan continues to be a fascinating and fun journey through these our later years. We’ve had the pleasure of helping run our boss’s business for a few months […]