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The Cradle Mountain experience

Last night before going to sleep The Princess made the call NOT to go to cradle mountain Sunday as was our original intention. She wanted to spring clean again and thought the weather might be a bit cloudy, spoiling the view of the mountain. “Yes Dear”, I dutifully replied, “Anything you say Dear.” and off […]

Off to Burnie

Saturday saw us off to Burnie and the surrounding areas. View Larger Map It’s like God has said to us “Come and have a look at MY Art Gallery, at MY handiwork.” And what a gallery it is! We arrived home, had a glass of wine outside while soaking up the last warmth of this […]

Exploring lovely Devonport

This morning Devonport turned on a brilliant sunny crisp and clear day. Although still cold it was just beautiful. We went into the city to do some exploring and just as we were starting I got a call from my old mate Geoff. As is always the case whenever I talk to Geoff he inspires […]

The great Grey Nomad toilet run.

What a hilarious moment in time! Busting to go to the heads I rushed outside with just a dressing gown and slippers on. First mistake. After the cosiness of our little home the blast of chilling wind was unexpected, whipping the front of my dressing gown open and revealing my nakedness to a poor unsuspecting […]

We’re in Tassie

Well we made it. We are in Tasmania. We left at 5.15am this morning to drive to the port. Didn’t want to be late, flat tyre or traffic, anything to delay it. We have waited for this day for a while. Had breakfast at the port watching the Spirit of Tasmania 2 unload it’s night […]

Preparing for departure to Tassie

Melbourne has put on a special day for our last day here. The sun is shining and after a very cold night it is now warm, pleasant, clean and bright. It’s an exciting but busy day because we need to make some more video tutorials for the SpacCalc program. After that we need to pack everything […]

Installation Day – A huge day for us!

My day started at 3:30 am with a few final touch ups to the program. We decided to catch the train into melbourne as it would cost us $22.00 per hour to park and we needed at least 3 hours. We walked to Rockbank station. By the way whenever we mention Rockbank you’re supposed to […]

Double check the program!

Monday was dedicated to work. We are installing the SpaceCalc application tomorrow at our client company and we will check and double everything. The university still has not got their base data to us to load into the program so we will install it with “dummy data” and upload the real data to them when […]

A day in the beautiful Dandenongs

Today saw us off bright and early for a trip to the Dandenongs in what turned out to be a glorious day. View Larger Map The Dandenong ranges are a truly pretty part of the world with gigantic trees, steep hills deep valleys and breathtaking sights that constantly demand attention. There are parts that remind […]