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More goodbyes and “Last times”.

By Chris: Today is the last time I’ll work at the University. I’m making a couple of final checks to the Operations Management program to make sure they continue to use it trouble-free. Apparently, they’ll be still using it for the foreseeable future even though they’ve opted to install a different system so I want […]

Catching up before leaving

Today I spent a great couple of hours with Wayne over coffee. We talked about lot’s of things and we spoke of how, as the Bible says, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”, and how people paint an extremely accurate picture of who they really are by the words they speak. […]

The final days before leaving

As the days before leaving get fewer we can’t help but feel a little anxiety mixed in with the excitement that the time has finally come! The biggest challenge, of course, will be leaving you all – our family and friends. We’ll always be just a plane flight away if any of you need us. […]