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A day cleaning

Well I didn’t sleep as well last night, the caravan was too quite…no snoring. They say rain is coming but I’m not so sure on that. They discribe their rain on the forcast as “sprinkles”. From what I rain I have seen that means by the time you have figured out the noise on the roof […]

New Norfolk

Well this afternoon Chris is flying back to Brisbane. So out comes the summer clothes again. We left early so we could stop somewhere to pack the dehydrator that we have decided to send home. After rummaging around  Harvey Norman’s recyling bins we had bubble wrapped and packed it securely. We also purchased our first bit of “free camping” equipment, a porta […]

Strahan the last stop on the West Coast.

It was a brisk morning leaving Waratah. Stopped at Tullah, a small town on Lake Rosebery. As it was a public holiday in Tassie (their Labour Day) nothing was open. Because of the winding roads it takes a lot longer to get anywhere. But the drive is very pretty. We pulled into Strahan about lunch […]

Waratah and other places.

Chris gives a wonderful view of Waratah (don’t miss reading his tale). But I’m also fascinated in the fact that it snows here. In fact the last time it snowed was 27th Dec 2010. Summer! When you are walking around in short sleeves and it’s hot, it hard to imagine. As is the case in Tassie all of […]

A day of surprises

(By Chris) Today found us at the Victoria Markets in the city. This place is a foodies paradise. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample a couple of items of food from the hunreds of offerings. We explored row upon row of the freshest most amazingly presented food we had ever seen. What an […]

Housework – A women’s work is never done.

Got a phone call from the company this morning. They are looking at other programs we have and want us to send in quotes etc. Funny, when you think of “business deals” being negotiated you conjure up an image of  business suits in high rise offices. Not in our business. Chris was sitting there in […]

Cold weather – brrrrrrrrr

Well a very chilly night! Mum alway said to pack your bed socks first when you go traveling. I did and I sure used them. Why does the cold weather make you go to the toilet more. I have been very good for the last 10 weeks and we get down here and I wake up […]

Why live on the road?

Well, this is what it’s come down to. We’re embarking on a new chapter in life. We’ve watched loved ones lose their health and their lives. We’ve seen friends who had a dream for their twilight years unable to follow that dream. We’ve questioned the purpose of why we do what we do each day […]