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Go West young man, go west:

We met with our new client, Mick Gore from Gore Earth Moving on Monday afternoon on our way home from Brisbane. Mick gave us the directions to the farm, Belah Park that his company us currently working on. They’re extending the current water reservoir to be able to store 6000 mega litres. The farm is 56 km west […]

A flying visit back to Brisbane:

I know it’s only been 2 weeks since we left Brisbane but here we go again. Two reasons for the trip back.. 1. Emily is flying to New York for a month. 2. The Accountant is fitting us in during her lunch break. Emily is doing an intensive drama course on Broadway, as well as […]

Trying to get to Brisbane:

We had planned to head back to Brisbane for a visit and as usual I had made numerous appointments, the doctor, podiatrist and this time the accountant. We were going to get away early as we wanted to stop off at Computer Alliance and get my laptop seen to. Remember last visit I had Win8 […]

A family visit:

We had visitors come out to the farm. David, Lacey and Elliana had been down at Tamworth for a family reunion to celebrate Lacey’s Nanna’s 100th birthday. On their way home they stopped at the farm. We also had Noel and Dermot, Natalie’s dad and brother, visit at the same time. Noel and Dermot arrived […]

A day with the cows:

We always seem to be writing about something Shannon has invited us along to, well this morning was no different.   We’d gone out to check on Stretch and Kim’s place late yesterday evening as they are away on holidays. Coming back we noticed about a dozen head of cattle eating the winter crop of […]

How can I explain the taste?

T-Bone has been hanging in the cold room now for over three weeks. There’s a lovely crust over the meat which is exactly what we’re looking for. We don’t want the meat to be sticky to the touch. Butchering a cow is a bit different to a pig, sheep or goat so, with a book […]

The Endeavour Rally at Koramba:

The 2014 Endeavour Rally from Warwick to Bundaberg via Corner Country came through a part of Koramba Farm. This rally uses forestry roads and private property to create a fascinating rally through seldom viewed parts of Australia. As described by their website: You’ll travel through the outback visiting remote destinations that few others get to […]

Topsy is back:

Remember our beautiful little Hereford calf Topsy? Well, when we moved her over to the paddock behind Shannon’s place and put her in with T-Bone, she wouldn’t come anywhere near us. When we tried calling Topsy she’d put her head up and take a couple of steps towards us but T-Bone would go between her […]

Shannon’s property at Emmaville:

Three day weekends are now the norm for the few remaining staff at Koramba Farm. Shannon often takes the opportunity to go up to his 250 acre property at Emmaville. He invited Stretch & Kim, Chris and I up to visit. Shannon left Thursday afternoon to make the slow trip up driving his John Deere […]

T-bone is now….T-bones.

The instigator of most of our learning curve out here is Shannon and as usual it started with him wandering over and letting us know something was about to happen. This time it was, “I’m giving T-bone some anesthetic and then hanging him. Want to learn how to skin an animal?” Now we knew this […]