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Back to the Farm

After a wonderful three weeks in Brisbane it was back to the farm again. This time things would be very different! No Backpackers! No meals to prepare! No dishwashing! No bathrooms to clean! Since there was to be no one living at the camp for the foreseeable future we would be free to get up in […]

The pleasure of being Grandparents:

This was the longest break we’d taken in 2 years. I wanted at least 3 weeks away but Chris was already anxious about getting back to the farm, as back there he’d have uninterrupted time to finish the Farm Manager program he is currently working on. I had things planned… a lot of things! We […]

The farm has closed:

The last of the residents left on Sunday 25th May. It’s so quite here now but it hasn’t sunk in yet as there is still much to do. For the next 3 days Chris and I cleaned, scrubbed, wrapped and packed away the entire kitchen and closed it not knowing WHEN the camp will open […]

Our Garden:-

Just an update on our garden. Everything is growing really well. We also have added the CapPlus Table (Capillary Watering) as a seed raising table. With the wind and heat out here seedling would dry out quite quickly, so with this system even the seedlings are doing well. We added another shade area to hold […]

Goondiwindi Show:-

The 2nd and 3rd of May bought the show to town again and this time we were prepared. Last year we didn’t know we could park the car inside the show grounds and therefore we didn’t take chairs or the camera but this year everything was packed. The only difference this year was the weather…it […]


Well, so much has been happening again at Koramba. The picking has finished. This time the rain held off after disrupting the early part of the harvest for nearly three weeks. Nineteen days after restarting again and the 2013 – 2014 cotton picking is finished! All that remains now is the gathering in of the […]

Dry, dry, dry. Wet, wet, wet.

Cotton picking has started and cotton picking has stopped! For so long there’s been no rain here at Koramba Farm and as we watched the 4 large Reservoir’s slowly drain dry we thought of the potential affect both on the yield and the quality of this year’s cotton harvest. But we must wait before the […]

Oops, there go the ribs again!

I think I need to take a good long look in the mirror (with the glasses on) and see the reality of what’s there, a 62 year old overweight body – not the 25 year old one I still believe I have most of the time. We wrote an article here about how I broke […]

A New Garden

It may seem strange to be writing about establishing a garden on a blog called Wandering Australia, a blog that seemingly describes the lives of a couple perpetually travelling around Australia, but the new garden is a significant part of this journey. You see it was always one of our many dreams that one day, […]