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Quiet contemplation outside the caravan.

Work was finished for the day and I was enjoying the peace and almost absolute silence. The setting sun cast colours of blazing fire over the treetops and the fence beside the caravan was alive with Fairy Wrens and flocks of Finches. Apart from the breeze rustling the leaves of the big old Iron Bark […]

T Bone

We often get requests from people who read the blog for follow up stories. One story they ask about is “T Bone”, Shannon’s steer he acquired as payment for a job. T Bone, as his name suggests, wasn’t meant to be with us for long, but he’s still here. When Shannon first got him NO ONE ventured […]

Hospital at Goondiwindi

It had been 8 weeks or so since we’d had a full day off from our duties on the farm so we were so looking forward to a the weeks break that would see us once again in Brisbane catching up with precious family and friends. As usual it was a bit of a whirlwind […]

Catching up with the Blog

So much has been happening out on the farm that we’ve let the blog fall behind. We apologise for this and will try not to let it happen again. So, where to begin… Planting: The planting was completed in September with 8000 acres sown this year.. This is down on last year’s crop of 13,000 […]

Shannon is getting Divorce papers:

Why? He’s not even married. Let me take you back a fortnight ago so I can explain. On our weekly visit into Gundy we happen to drive past an old tractor for sale, a 1958 Fordson. Now Chris had to stop  and have a look. A week later and it’s still there, this time with […]

Ashley, Lish and the kids visit Koramba.

Ashley phoned up last Friday morning to see if we were going to be home as they’d decided to take the drive out to the farm to visit for the weekend. After the dinner was cooked, served and cleared away we drove into Goondiwindi to meet them at the motel were they staying. This was […]

A taste of the road again.

Life in a caravan is not everyone’s idea of living the dream. If you’d asked us about our ultimate goal in life 3 years ago, we’d probably have painted a picture of a plot of land, a nicely furnished box to sit on it and plenty of familiar people and places within easy access – […]

Hugs, new places and way too much food.

That’s the best way to describe our holiday. With the camp in the capable hands of Merlin and Ingrid, Chris and I took off for 11 days. It was our last chance to have a long break as pre-irrigation starts next week then it’s on to planting. We took the van this time as it […]

“We’ll we were drinking one day and…”

We only just found out that Martyn and his mate Fordie owned camels. They’ve had them for about 8 years and have raced them at places like Winton and Tara with some success. Why camels? This was the question we asked over coffee the other day in Goondiwindi. The story started with ” Well we were havin’ […]