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Back on the Road

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The Road To Disney
The long, lonely blacktop - We love it!

I can’t believe we’ve been alternating between caravan parks in Brisbane for 16 months!
A few annoying health issues have kept us stationary with just the occasional trip out to Koramba to break the feeling of being squatters.
One thing that never changed was our love of living a simple life in the caravan.
Occasionally we ask ourselves if we think it’s time to settle down in a house with a nice garden and comfy lounge but even a small trip out to Koramba seems to push that well into the background.

I guess Kerrie and I just have unique personalities that find it very hard to settle. We seem to need the challenge and excitement of life on the move.
So, it was with a surge of excitement that we got a call from Mick Gore at Gore’s earthmoving.
We’ve worked for Gores catering at their camps for a few years on and off and have always enjoyed the experience. The work has always been interesting and the people fantastic.
Mick asked us if we would cater at a job they have built a 2500 megalitre water storage on a cattle station in the central Highlands about 150km from the nearest town, Clermont.
He didn’t need to ask twice!

Kerrie had been working at 7/11 part-time and though we were thankful for the income she was elated to have the opportunity to work for Gores again.
The Aussie Wide was due to undergo a repair to some water damage we sustained last year when a hatch developed a leak. It would be a six to eight-week repair job so we hired a caravan through Camplify for eight weeks and headed off to Goondiwindi to set up Gore’s remote location camp ready for trucking to Clermont.

The first night was spent in the Goondiwindi Holiday Park caravan park so we could take advantage of a long soak in the hot thermal pool. We always find it a soothing treat. Then we moved into Gore’s yard to begin the setup of the camp.
The camp had not been used since the last time we cooked there, and we had been meticulous in packing up, so it was a breeze to reinstate everything.
We stocked all the non-perishables from Goondiwindi so we could cut down on the 300 km round trips from the farm to the closest shops.

It only took us one day to sort out the camp and then it was goodbye to Goondiwindi and out onto the open road once again. We needed to head back east to get some new large eskys from Toowoomba, so we decided to head to Miles and then take the Taroom route to Clermont.
We took 2 nights to get to the job staying at Miles the first night, then at Clermont the second night before stocking up with the first few day’s cold, fresh and frozen supplies.

Oh, how we loved being back on the road!

Saturday morning saw us heading out of Clermont to Disney, the farm where we’ll live and work for the next few months.
Past the Clermont mine where David works, past the Blair Athol mine and out into some of the most spectacular country we’ve seen. This is a gold, coal and cattle country that stretches for seemingly endless miles in all directions. How can one drive for hours past bush that seems the same for hours on end and still be fascinated with it? I don’t know but we can.
West of Clermont 150km and about 30 km south of Belyando Crossing we came upon the first view of our new home for a few months – Disney.

Map of Disney
Driving through the gate and topping a rise in the road gave us a sneak preview of this beautiful property. Undulating miles before us were massive paddocks with cattle that appeared fat and healthy.

Disney is situated next to the new Adani coal mine that has attracted much attention of late and as such it’s attracted a bit of attention itself.

The Gore crew had been staying in farm dongers and feeding themselves from the domestic kitchen in one of the houses. We thought this would continue but when the supervisor, Greg (Baldy) came to meet us we learned the camp had already left Goondiwindi and was just the other side of Roma.
It would be here the next morning.

Greg insisted that we didn’t cook that night but instead had a drink on the veranda to get to know the crew, so we set up the caravan next to the house and waited till the crew got home.

What a great bunch they seem.


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