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Barry and Christine arrive.

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An exciting day to day because Barry and Christine arrive for their 10 day holiday.

We saw them!!

The arrival lounge at Hobart airport seemed to light up with the glow of Barry’s smile and his ruggedly handsome appearance. Just to grip his hand and hear that voice in his “How are ya Chris”, greeting warmed the heart.

Christine’s smile also stood out over the other travellers as she excitedly spotted us and ran to meet us.

At 47 she can still makes most 25 year olds look aged.

It was a lovely moment for us bringing our thoughts to all the other family and friends we so dearly love in Brisbane.

The weather was fine and warm for Barry and Chris’ arrival, as it has been for most of our adventure, and as we drove the short distance to pick up their motor home it was easy to pick up on their excitement about their holiday.

Christine And Barry arrive

Stopping at Rosny on the way back to New Norfolk so Christine could buy groceries gave me the opportunity to have coffee and a catch up with Barry, and Kerrie was able to buy us each a hotty, (hot water bottle), in anticipation of some colder nights as we headed south.

After settling the motor home in at New Norfolk we had a glass of wine and nibbles and a BBQ dinner as we discussed what we were going to do tomorrow and where our journey would take us.

We are going to leave fairly early and meet up at Huonville and then to Franklin on the Huon river where we will visit the Wooden Boat Centre.

Even the ribs seemed to be little less painful after spending the evening with Barry and Christine, or was it just the wine‘s anesthetisation?

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  1. Hi Chris and Kerrie

    Just thought I would say Hi. Thinking of you both and jealous of your travelling. Can’t wait to commence my trek at the end of May. Two weeks of work to go including a trip to Cairns. I will bottle some warm air for you both while I am there.



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