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Barry and Christine visit:

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Last weekend Barry and Christine came out to see us.

Barry had been out to the farm before but this was Christine’s first visit.

The weather was perfect and the visit coincided with a weekend off for the back packers which was great for us because we don’t need to get up at 4.30am to cook breakfast as everyone sleeps in.

Barry and Christine arrived Friday night and after dinner we sat around a campfire.

Why don’t we do this more often? The stars were beautiful, the fire hypnotic and with the addition of good company and it was a wonderful evening.

Nothing beats a good camp fire.

Nothing beats a good camp fire.

Barry cooked us breakfast over the open fire next morning and after sorting out the residents we took Christine and Barry around the farm.

At the moment not much is happening. Pre irrigation will be starting at the beginning of September so all the head ditches and tail drains are having last minute finishing touches in readiness to receive the water that will be poured on to the cotton. The dispatching of pipes that will syphon the water from the head ditches onto the rows of cotton has started and there’s a feeling of anticipation as planting for another year has draws closer.

Shannon and Steve are servicing all 24 pumps around the farm in preparation for the huge workload they’ll be under moving mega litres of water around the farm over the next few months..


The best view is from the reservoirs

The best view is from the reservoirs.


We stopped by the weighbridge to see if we could take Barry and Christine for a tour of the gin. After a phone call and donning our regulation safety gear it was over to the gin. The gin will be finished processing by the beginning of September until the next harvest around March next year. This will enable Shannon and Steve to start the massive gin maintenance program that’s necessary to get ready for next year.

We were given a informative tour of the Gin with Duncan

We were given a informative tour of the Gin with Duncan.

This was our second visit and we still learnt more.

This was our second visit and we still learnt more.

After the gin tour we headed down to Boomi for a late lunch then back home to prepare dinner for the residents.

The weekend was finished off around the camp fire again, with Renee (a contractor) joining us.

We hope Barry and Christine enjoyed their visit as much as we loved having them here.

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