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Both got coughs and colds

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It seems like everyone in Melbourne has a cough or a cold and now we are no exception. We have had “throat tickles” for a few days but now the colds have arrived. Kerrie especially is quite crook.

We revisited the university today to try to get the data they have given us sorted out.

We can’t get them the solution they need until we have the correct data and its proving difficult to get.

The people at the uni are lovely, can’t do enough to help and willing to do anything we need to sort things out.

Kerrie was wonderful at the meeting today and it was great to see her intimate knowledge of University timetabling and enrolments shining through. It made it obvious to everyone in the meeting that she knew what she was talking about and this in turn I think endeared us to the staff as well as encouraged them to help us. I think they realise that in helping us create the solution they need we would in turn be helping them to run their departments better.

Not much else to report today just work really. We are hoping to see a bit of Melbourne tomorrow.

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