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Business in Melbourne

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Well, after 3 weeks of trying to get the solution that our University clients require we came to a decision.

It’s a bit “make or break” for us really but at least it will give us a clear indication of our next move – either we stay in Melbourne for a few more weeks or we get back on the road again.

Our clients want us to paint a clear picture for them of their current space usage and what new buildings they may need to build over the next 10 years to accomodate their expected growth. They don’t know how many millions they might need to spend because they don’t know what space they may require.

We can show them this very accurately.

Trouble is in order to show them we need accurate current data relating to enrolments and their allocations of classes to lectures etc for those enrolments.

This is where the problem occurs as the data they’ve supplied us has many errors which, if we were to use, would destroy the integrety of anything we show them and render it usless.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to communicate to people at higher levels of management exactly where the problem is in the supplied data. There are well over 1,000,000 individual records that make up this data and each record is quite complex.

We can fix this!

To do this we need about a month working directly at the uni with their enrolment software and it means we need to create a new purpose built program that can process the millions of peices of data in the way that’s needed.

So we’ve called a meeting with the management and we’re going make an all out attempt to lay it all out as straight as we can and get them to see their problem accurately and honestly and then offer them the solution.

We needed to get them to see the problem

We needed to get them to see the problem

This meeting was today.

We took the train from Melton into Victoria Station and a tram to the city centre.

Mingling with all the suits, high rise buildings, coifured hair, and expensive aftershave in the middle of what is perhaps Australia’s business mecca is usually very daunting for me as I feel so out of place.

It’s never bothered Kerrie – just me. I feel inadequate somehow.

This didn’t happen this time!

We were both confident and prepared and as we waited for our appointment time in a comfortable, warm nook at the giant Melbourne Post Office and pulled out the laptop to go over our samples we had prepared one more time.

Kerrie looked beautiful, business like and smart and did not display the least bit of nervousness. This was very stabilising for me.

We entered the conference in the top floor of a building overlooking Melbourne and simply put our case as best we could.

We consider the meeting was a fantastic success because we actually managed to make all present see the problem.

They saw it clearly for the first time! They now understand why they have struggled with this for over 12 months before calling us.

They have yet to let us know if they want us to continue but frankly we don’t care either way. The point is we were just so happy we were able to display the reality to them.

After the meeting we shared the lift to the ground floor with the Head of Department of the uni who’s comments to us were great!

Now we wait, hopefully no longer than Monday or Tuesday, for their decision on how to proceed.

If they want us to continue we’ll move the little home into a really nice van park we’ve found closer to the Uni and the City. If they don’t we’ll finish the bits and peices we’re doing for them and get back on the road, visit Cooba Peedy (Kerries lifelong dream), and then proceed to Darwin via Alice Springs.

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