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Bye Neighbours!!!!

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Seems like today is definitely the day the neighbours exit Rockbank Van Park!

Maybe the place will be a lot more livable?

We took another trip to Campbellfield this morning and checked out a Van factory we had seen yesterday. Interesting place.

We arrived to home to find – GUESS WHAT?

A beautiful empty space where the beloved neighbours had been just a few hours before!

I quite like Rockbank! It’s a quiet, peaceful place…

A quiet and peaceful place is Rockbank!

A quiet and peaceful place is Rockbank!

We’ve been given the go ahead to go out to the uni at will and communicate with staff out there whenever we need to.

Kerrie will work full time on this project as well.

The complications and challenges are quite sizeable but…


Had a rum and coke tonight to celebrate the new environment.

Oh Dear, does this mean we’re turning into – THE NEIGHBOURS?

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