Catching up before leaving

Today I spent a great couple of hours with Wayne over coffee.

We talked about lot’s of things and we spoke of how, as the Bible says, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”, and how people paint an extremely accurate picture of who they really are by the words they speak. What you are inside will eventually come out of your mouth.

I couldn’t help but think about the journey he’s travelled.

I am eternally grateful for C.O.C. because they have been a mighty solid foundation for him to rebuild his life on.

I then spent a few wonderful hours with Emily.

Every time I talk with her I’m satisfied that she’s grown up to be practicle and sensible often saying things that I would expect from someone much older.

When she talks about her hopes and dreams I smile inside knowing she will be OK in life.

She wont’ be free of challenges, (none of us are), but I’m certain she’ll overcome them all. She’s dedicated to her friends and I think she wants to be a light that her friends run to in times of trouble.

I love her dearly.

We saw my old mate Geoff and Emily was with me.

At Geoffs place she whispered, “He’s looks just the same”.

I said to her, “He’s like God, The same yesterday, today and forever”.

What a privelage it is to have Geoff’s unfailing friendship.

I never tire of his insights and his great depth of knowledge.

Got a wonderful email from my old mate Ian.

He seems to be OK and coping well and looking foreward to his “freedom” from work.

My hope is that we’ll meet up on the road during our wanderings

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