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Catching up with Family

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Funerals are a time for reflection, but they also seem to be the only time to catch up with long lost relatives or friends.

Fran Warburton died too young from lymphoma cancer. She was the mother of my school friend Sandy Phillips. Sandy and I met on the first day of grade one in 1967 and we’ve been friends ever since. It’s one of those friendships that span a whole lifetime,  one where even if you haven’t seen each other for a year or two it seems that you can start the conversation as if you only saw them yesterday.

I use to live at the Warburton’s as much as I lived at home. School through the week, play on the weekends, phone conversations every night and all the sleepovers. This was from a time when the only rule was “be home for dinner”. Oh how I remember racing the push bike flat strap down Bungama St at 4.59pm to make it home by 5 o’clock.

Do 2km in less than 1 min. Wish I could do it now.

Do 2km in less than 1 min. Wish I could do it now.

While Sandy and I were friends at Sandgate primary, Lee Martin (nee Metcraft) and Helen McLean were friends from Bracken Ridge primary. These two friendships combined at the start of high school to form a very strong bond.

The sad fact is now we only meet up at funerals. Lee’s dad, then my Mum & Dad and now at  Fran’s funeral.

After the funeral it didn’t take long for the years to roll away and we were 16 again, laughing at the silly times, trying to remember names of people we knew. Ross, Sandy’s older brother had some of his mates there and we were trying to figure out who they were. When we did, there were howls of laughter as new stories were told of pinching Ross and Barnsey’s row boat and rowing up and down Cabbage Tree Creek. We all agree the boys have aged a lot more than us. Well if you take your glasses off when you look in the mirror you can be any age you want.

The time went too quickly and as we all parted we promised the next time we catch up it won’t be at a funeral.

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with family. Chris helped Ashley exchange his motor in his car. Then dinner with Jennie and Emily, lunch with Ben, Alecia, David and Lacey at the Bridge seafood and little Chris coming up to David’s to visit.

We also called into ACU as Ron had asked Chris to look at something. There was a morning tea for the staff so we got to catch up with a lot of people there, with the usual question “Are you back?”

We stayed at Christine and Barry’s on Monday night so the boys had a good chin wag. And they complain women talk, Christine and I ended up going to bed while the boys continued their conversation.

Tuesday had us back on the road again, looking forward to getting back to our little “home on wheels”. We had both brought up the idea of “moving back home” wondering how the other felt. We love David and Lacey’s home, we feel a part of it, but did we miss our own bathroom, kitchen laundry and having the space to sit around in the lounge room??….

The answer is NO!

Both of us expressed the feelings that just sitting in one place, at this time in our lives, would send us crazy. We love our bathroom, laundry and kitchen on wheels. The best thing is our lounge room can be anywhere we want to park our home. And now with the chance to work everywhere, there is so much to learn and see, like we have never been on a cotton farm before. We are truly blessed and loving this life and as we found out, not too far from family.

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