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The “Old Girl” resurfaces

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What a wonderful surprise it was to read this comment on one of the blog posts. 12 months since deciding to live “on the road” It’s been 12 months since we made our “Big Decision” to stay on the road and to upgrade the caravan from the Old Girl to the Aussie Wide. We can… Read More »The “Old Girl” resurfaces

The “Old Girl” update:

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Remember the original 1971 Viscount caravan we started our trip in? We gave it away to a lovely couple, Greg and Nicole from Melbourne. Greg and Nicole keep us updated on what they’ve done to the “Old Girl” and some of their holiday destinations. I thought I’d share some of these with you. They moved… Read More »The “Old Girl” update:

Our most dangerous place

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After 18 months on the road we’ve discovered what we believe is our most dangerous place! We’ve travelled many roads, climbed, swam, fished, trekked, worked, played, stayed in secluded places and met all kinds of people and not once did we feel we were in danger. You see, our most dangerous place isn’t a physical,… Read More »Our most dangerous place

To Speak or Not to Speak!

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In the fortnight that we’ve been waiting in Goondiwindi for the Cotton Farm job to start the company that originally hired us has pulled out of the contract and a new company has taken over the farm’s labour management. The change over will take effect from the day we start work there. The new company… Read More »To Speak or Not to Speak!

Catching up with Family

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Funerals are a time for reflection, but they also seem to be the only time to catch up with long lost relatives or friends. Fran Warburton died too young from lymphoma cancer. She was the mother of my school friend Sandy Phillips. Sandy and I met on the first day of grade one in 1967… Read More »Catching up with Family

Going back in time.

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We left our very quiet spot by Lake Albacutya and headed into Yaapeet. Yaapeet was were Dad’s sister Lorna and her husband Charlie lived on their family wheat and sheep farm. Its 20km out of Rainbow and is where we would go on holidays after Dad’s mum (Nanna or Carrie Wood) had passed away. The last time I visited Rainbow… Read More »Going back in time.