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Belah Park Cotton Farm

Never two days the same

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With the finishing up of the Gore earthmoving job at Belah Park station it was back to our beloved Koramba for a while.

Here one minute gone the next:

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We arrived back at Belah Park after having two and a half weeks off over Christmas, only to have it rain the very same night we arrived back causing the job to be shut down everyone stood down again.

Dust, fly’s and heat:

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Well the harvesting is over at Koramba!
The balers, however are still working stacking the high density hay bales onto the head ditches at the end of the fields to be collected by the trucks.

Life with the Earthmovers:

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With the alarm clock once again set for 4.30 am the new day started.
Chris had prepared some of the breakfast in our van as he did not want to wake the men up working in the kitchen.

Belah Park

Go West young man, go west:

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We met with our new client, Mick Gore from Gore Earth Moving on Monday afternoon on our way home from Brisbane.
Mick gave us the directions to the farm, Belah Park that his company us currently working on.