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Disney Cattle Station

Just add water…

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Add Water…

We’ve been away from Disney cattle station and the Gore earthmovers for the last 6 weeks.

It was dinner dates, coffee breaks and the usual stuff over 50’s need to do such as new glasses, physio, doctors and skin cancer removal. Visiting new restaurants and enjoying walks along the water all made this break enjoyable.

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Curtain Fig

Showing Chris Cairns – Part 2

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There’s so much to do around Cairns that it takes two blog posts to tell you about what we did, even though, we were only there for five days. Atherton Tablelands Atherton Tablelands and the surrounding region was our next port of call. The road up the mountains to the Tablelands is 19 km of… Read More »Showing Chris Cairns – Part 2

Kuranda Train station

Showing Chris Cairns

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Changing Chris’s mind I love Cairns, always have.Chris hated it.He went there once on business in the 1980s, in the middle of summer, with no air-conditioning and didn’t see anything other than the city. His opinion of Cairns wasn’t very flattering. I needed to change that. So that was my challenge for our days off… Read More »Showing Chris Cairns

Twin Hills Races were a blast…

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Twin Hills is the property next door. They have a proud heritage going back to 1925 when they held dances and other events on the property. One of the events is the yearly country races, rodeo, camp draft, and gymkhana set over four days.

Our morning teas on the veranda…

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A ritual has started with Farren (the stockman’s wife) most mornings. Morning tea on the veranda.

We sit on the house veranda and discuss what’s happening on the property.

New Age Hire Van

A trip to Brisbane

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If you weren’t aware, we had some issues with our beloved Aussie Wide Caravan. A storm had caused water damage to the front and side panel of the van and needed to be replaced.

A Visit to Sugar Country

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The Gore Earthmoving workers worked until 10 am after which they come back to camp, showered, packed and headed off to Clermont for a “shift wrap up” counter meal at one of the pubs.
A colleague of Mick Gore used his private plane to pick up the crew in Clermont and fly them the one and a half hours to Goondiwindi.

Cooking at Gore camp

Cooking up a storm

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The routine at the Gore Remote Site Camp is established now and we’ve come to know the likes and dislikes of most of the crew.
They’re not big breakfast eaters and they don’t take huge lunches, but they all have a hearty appetite by 6:30 pm dinner time.

Cattle truck

Getting to know Disney

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We’re settling into a nice routine at Disney station.
We’ve met all the terrific people that own and run the farm. They’re all helpful and keen to share information about the property they are all obviously proud of.
The youngest farmhand is Bailey whose just six weeks old.

Camp Arrives

The Camp Arrives at Disney

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Our mobile, remote site camp is a fully portable accommodation system that includes its own power generation ( 2 Catipillar generators), a sewerage processing plant, fresh water storage tanks, maintenance workshop, walk-in cool room and freezer, commercial kitchen and messroom and sleeping quarters.
There’s also a series of walkways connecting all the blocks or “dongars” as they are called.