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Changed our minds – Time to move!

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After deciding to stay at Dumaresq Dam for a couple more weeks we set about getting a routine going to get some work done. For two days we were happy with the decision to stay.

Then all of a sudden there was big influx of vans. We don’t know why since the holidays were all but over but it was possibly due to the Tamworth Music Festival as people start arriving early to the general area.

This didn’t worry us at all until a large van from WA arrived and parked directly behind us – still no problem. They seemed like nice people.

However they have no solar power!

What does this mean?

GENERATOR! – From 8:00am to 10:30pm almost nonstop!

So useful yet so darned annoying in the wrong hands

So useful yet so darned annoying in the wrong hands

The first day was fine. The generator was housed in their truck and we were shielded from the noise somewhat. The second day they moved the generator to a spot that was quieter for them, but only about 5 metres from us, with the exhaust pointing almost directly into our annexe.

There must have been a heap of electronic equipment aboard as the already loud generator was constantly kicking in to full throttle mode to cope with the load of whatever equipment was in use inside.

Couldn’t work, couldn’t read and couldn’t play the Uke. We couldn’t even take a nap.

We were constantly walking around the lake and the grounds just to get away from the noise.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve nothing against generators. These days it’d be almost impossible to free camp long term without one. Our own Honda has been a Godsend and we use it regularly. We’ll often fire it up about 5:00pm for half an hour to an hour depending on if the batteries need a bit of a pump up, and we’ll use it during the day about once a week when Kerrie does the washing. We do however take a lot of care to ensure it doesn’t annoy others.

Most people we meet are the same as us and most will go to great lengths to ensure people enjoy peace and quiet. Some will even come and ask if we mind if they use the generator. This is what’s called Etiquette!

This couple where completely unconcerned about how their noise may be affecting others.  They could hardly hear their own generator as the noise was blocked by their caravan.

Now there are a couple of ways we could have handled the situation. We could have talked to them about it, but we’ve seen how this type of person reacts to that. They tend to revert to self defence mode and lash out indignantly since they usually find it difficult to believe they are capable of doing anything wrong.

We chose the second option which was to keep the peace, avoid confrontation and simply move on.

We decided to forego the Tamworth Festival for this year and forego meeting up with Ian. The Generator People were intending to be at the Dumaresq Dam for 3 more weeks. Although we could have moved to a different spot we decided to move on.

After informing our friends in the community of our plans to move on we felt sadness at the decision. These people who we’d come to know so well over our three weeks here have provided us with much enjoyment and companionship. They’ve been the inspiration for me taking up the Ukulele after 50 years. They have been the source of valuable information, tricks and tips relating to living on the road. They have shared their life experiences – some touching some sad and some hilarious.

It’s been wonderful to talk, laugh and sing and occasionally to even share deeper feelings and thoughts with them.

That night we had a final jam with the little group. I particularly enjoyed playing the Ukulele with Jim and Alan while John played the Harmonica and Ted the Guitar.

Myself, Alan, Jim and Bonnie contemplating a tricky musical piece

Myself, Alan, Jim and Bonnie contemplating a tricky musical piece

What touched us deeply about this session was the way each person in the group tried to get us to stay on, even the ones who’d only been around a couple of days.

It was such a pleasure to be with these lovely people that later we discussed changing our mind yet again. The Generator couple had been much better during today, only firing up the generator when they needed it. That coupled with the sheer enjoyment of being with this group edged us toward staying.

Then the generator fired into full life about 7:30pm and did not stop until 10:45. This coupled with the arrival of still more vans sealed the deal for us. It was time to move on.

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