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Chris and Natalie’s Engagement Party Friday 23rd May 2014:

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Margaret and Noel - Natalie's parents

Unfortunately, Big Chris couldn’t make this wonderful event as there were still a few residents left on the camp.
I drove back on Thursday by myself and stayed at David and Lacey’s. Now, since I knew the event was coming I bought myself a new outfit (like every woman does). I believed, due to the fact it was an outside evening event and at the end of May it would be cold. WRONG! Heatwave!
So of course I spent Friday out shopping for something ELSE to wear. I know, any excuse to go shopping.

It was great to catch up with so many people and I had an absolute ball. It was held at the Eatons Hill Hotel on the Rooftop, a great event area. Natalie looked stunning and Chris couldn’t keep the smile off his face every time he looked at her.

I enjoy writing speeches for the special moments in the boy’s life, such as the 18th birthday when you honestly, never thought they would make it to this age. Growing up, defying death as they found out they couldn’t fly off the roof. Skateboards and mountain bikes rearranging their faces or teeth. Broken bones and learning to drive. Then there’s only being able to fall asleep when you hear the sound of their cars arriving back safely.

Another speech for their 21st’s when they are already men but in your eyes, they are still that little 5-year-old who wants to tell you about how he caught tadpoles in the creek. And then the big ones, their engagement and weddings. You’ve already lost your sons to their fiancés and wives and it still shocks me that they are grown men as you hear them talk about insurance and making their wills. Writing their speeches brings back so many wonderful memories that you ask yourself “Where does the time go?”

As this engagement speech says, Chris and I wish them a wonderful life, a great engagement and a marriage of great potential. Love Mum xxx

Chris and Natalie’s Engagement Speech 23rd May 2014

We would like to thank everyone for coming to celebrate this special time in the lives of our son Chris and of his beautiful fiancé Natalie.   For the last couple of years my husband Chris and I have been travelling, so getting to know Natalie has been spasmodic at times. During the birth of Elliana I had the pleasure of staying with Natalie and Chris for a few days and this is where you see people in their true form.

It was easy to see the love between Chris and Natalie and the fact that each brought out the best in the other. When these two met at Amart All Sports, Natalie was Chris’s boss. And around that time Chris probably wouldn’t have made the  “Suitable candidates” list that Noel and Margaret wanted for their eldest daughter.

So when David, Chris’s brother, offered Chris another pathway with the words “Clean yourself up I can put your name down with ODG” Chris had enough brains to do it.  I look at my son now and see the man he has become and I look forward to watching him grow even more now he has the love of his life beside him. They say “Behind every great man, there is a great woman” but I believe more is achieved when you are beside each other, a “Team” working towards the same dreams and goals.

Being Married can be the most rewarding time in your life. How often do you hear of people who have near death experiences suddenly realise that the only things they thought about was their partner and family. The material objects in life that most people seem to spend more time on become unimportant.

So make the most of this special bond, make it the most important thing in your life because if you do the rest of life becomes so much easier.

I would like to pass on a couple of things I have learnt a long the way: Think about the other person before yourself.  What would they like to do, see, and feel? A marriage is not about ME ME ME Forgive them…. repeatedly. We’re only human and we make mistakes every day. TALK to each other. Talk and forgive……. Talk and compromise.

Never take this gift, the gift of finding your soul mate with complacency.  Natalie I’m so glad you found our son Chris, for making him your life partner. Together you can do great things, together you can conquer the world. So Chris and I, and everyone else wish for you a wonderful life, a great engagement and a marriage of great potential


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