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Cold weather – brrrrrrrrr

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Well, a very chilly night!

Mum always said to pack your bed socks first when you go travelling. I did and I sure used them. Why does the cold weather make you go to the toilet more? I have been very good for the last 10 weeks and we get down here and I wake up at 2 am telling myself “I don’t need to go”. That is until you are busting and fully awake. Then it’s a mad dash to the bathroom and look out anybody in the way. Then back into bed freezing. I hate winter. Oh, that’s right it’s not winter yet! Well, we unpacked most of the winter clothes today and packed up some of the summer clothes. Don’t want to put them away too quickly, it’s supposed to be hot again by the weekend.

Decided to move the van around to face the other way. This way the annex will be more sheltered from the wind and won’t disappear into the sunset. We did seek approval but they don’t seem to care as long as you’re not in the way. It’s a bit of a weird set-up here but we all seem to have plenty of room. So now we can watch TV out in the annex and with the heater going it is very warm.

Spoke to the company we’re doing business with today to let them know we have arrived. We have a meeting with the University tomorrow so it’s out with the maps to find our way. Chris will be glad when the meetings are over as he hates this part of the business.

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