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Disappointing news for Fiona


After a great first night at the Tara Lagoon we left early Saturday to look at Fiona’s land. After checking the property out on Google it looks like it was once a large property that was subdivided into many 30 acre blocks. Fiona’s is one of these. Most of the properties are still virtually bush though there are a few house’s, weekenders and cabins dotted around the area. Fiona had a caravan on hers and a shipping container with generator, chairs, toilet etc. She plans to develop and build on the block in the future.

Ae we headed into the entrance to her property the first thing we notice is NO CARAVAN!

Our gut feeling is going into overtime. We try to ring Fiona but it goes straight to voice message so we leave a message. Then we notice the shipping container is open and not secure as we believed!

We feel for Fiona. She finally rings us back. She thought we may have gone to the wrong property and had phoned a friend out here to check. He confirmed the bad news; the caravan had been stolen and the container broken into and everything of value taken.

We had taken photo’s of inside the container for her to check what was missing. After ringing the police she found there had been a number of recent robberies out there. They wanted the paper work on the generator and anything else but alas that was all in the caravan.

Fiona's vacant block

Fiona's vacant block


No caravan and shipping container open

No caravan and shipping container open


Another lesson for us, copy paper work for the caravan and everything and leave at David & Lacey’s. Hopefully never needing it.

There are 2 ladies staying in the camp ground with us. Both have Motorhomes and have been on the road full time between 2.5 – 4.5yrs, and never planning to stop. They belong to a single travellers group based in Bundaberg. This way they can travel together for safety and companionship but not be in each others pockets. They plan to separate in NSW for a while as each want to see something different but will catch up at the groups’s annual muster later.

Everyone we meet has a story and it has been enlightening to find out the reasons behind this lifestyle change. One had an old Queenslander home in Bundaberg but the upkeep was too difficult on a single pension. She had a quote just to paint the outside a couple of years ago, over $24,000. She sold up, bought the camper and can now even save while on the road. The other lady always volunteered at Museums, information desks etc., and thought why should everyone else have stories, so she bought her camper and is never stopping. The funny thing is she used to live around the corner from David & Lacey’s place at Wurtulla. Her children went to Currimundi school. She left there in 1996.

We’ll stay our 3 days here and then move on to ???…haven’t decided yet. This is the way to live.

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