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Dogs are a man’s best friend:

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Old saying, but true.

We only have one dog at the camp now,  Mongrel. He was brought home from the pub by two of the back packer’s for Shannon after he lost Bing.

Mongrel had been found on the road by a truckie and after two weeks at the pub and “Lost Dog” notices not bringing to light his owner he came here to stay.

Why Mongrel? Well when Shannon was asked what he was going to call him to which he replied, “What the mongrel dog?” Plus the general call of “Come here Mongrel” seem to stick.

When he arrived he was shy towards people and hated noise like the whipper snipper with a vengeance.

He had eyes that gave the impression he wanted to rip off your face. He hated Junior (the other dog) and would nip him to the bone if he was annoyed. This of course didn’t help in getting people to like him, but one thing about this dog was similar to Bing, he LOVES to hunt pigs!

He was insane about hunting pigs. The first time out with Shannon he took off, Shannon trying to hold him but he was determined to go. The other dogs and hunters weren’t chasing anything and Shannon thought he had a dud dog. That was until a minute later when they heard the unmistakeable squeal of a pig.  Once the others had arrive and the kill was finished he just wandered back to the Quad bikes and waited for the rest of them.

On another trip in the back of the ute he must have smelled a pig and at 60km an hour was up over the roof of the cab, on to the bonnet and off the vehicle. Shannon locked up the ute brakes so as not to hit him. Shannon has had to train him NOT to have this much enthusiasm.

Now, Mongrel has slowly grown on us all, his eyes don’t have the killer look any more and he knows the camp routine like when to come for dinner and breakfast. He’s taken over the blanket in our annex when Shannon isn’t around and snores louder than Chris. He happily follows Shannon around the farm either sitting in the back of the ute or if he missed the ute, running until he catches him.

Shannon has just had holidays, 2 weeks in the Simpson Dessert with his father, brothers and friends and Mongrel wasn’t invited. He was tied up for an hour when Shannon left so he wouldn’t follow but what confused him most was that Shannon had left behind his work ute and taken his own car.

He stayed by the ute for the next 2 weeks. Shannon is never far from the ute so he just waited for him to come back. We all tried to get him to come to the camp but he would head back to the ute to stand guard waiting for his owner. He would race over at meal time when I called, hurriedly eat his dinner then it was back over to the ute in case he missed him.


Waiting patiently for Shannon

Waiting patiently for Shannon

He has to come back for the ute soon.

He has to come back for the ute soon.

He went for 8 days before he finally gave in and slept in the annex but would go back to the ute during the day. By the end he would wander over to the workshop looking for him there.

Shannon has now arrived home and Mongrel hasn’t left his side. He’s not going to lose him again, he might miss out on a pig hunt!

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  1. Hi kerry thankyou so much for sharing your writing with me.I am shans mum and mongrels granny.his sister;his grandparents and myself feel so much closer to shan from reading your stories and we have learned so much more about the place he lives and works in through your adventures.we eagerly await each addition you make to the site.

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