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Double check the program!

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Monday was dedicated to working.

We are installing the SpaceCalc application tomorrow at our client company and we will check and double everything. The university still has not got their base data to us to load into the program so we will install it with “dummy data” and upload the real data to them when we get it. Universities are so slow at making things happen. It’s just the nature of the beast and we are well used to dealing with it.

As we won’t be available “in the flesh” to train the users we have decided to make step-by-step video tutorials and link them to each section of the program. This takes all day and late into the night again. It was worth it though as we found we needed to change a particular function significantly. I hardly moved from my “office” all day and by the end, both Kerrie and I were burnt out.

It was so nice to crawl into our warm comfortable beds!

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