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Early Morning Magic

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Stepping out into the cool morning, before anyone else at the little Dumaresq Dam community was about, revealed a remarkable sight. A blanket of mist was moving like some dispossessed spirit across the lake and extending up into the surrounding hills.

The water on the lake surface was like a mirror and as ducks swam along they created wakes from their bodies which was the only disturbance to the water.

Thousands of birds added a symphony of sound that was perfectly orchestrated to fit the

It was a brief time of complete peace and tranquillity that lasted until the warming rays of
the rising sun transformed the misty blanket into countless water droplets that quickly fell to and became part of the waters of the lake. Even as I grabbed the camera to try to capture the scene the mist was dissapating.  In a few minutes the lake was transformed back to its blue surface colour, now with a trillion sparkles emanating from the sun catching the tiny ruffles on the water caused by the gentle breeze that had arisen.

I was glad I was able to be a solitary onlooker into that moment. Even though I knew it was a combination of millions of random consequences working together and triggered by the predawn temperature reacting to the moist air, it was as if it had been meticulously planned just for my benefit.

The morning mist over Dumaresq Dam - Dissipating even as the photo is taken.

The morning mist over Dumaresq Dam – Dissipating even as the photo is taken.


Four more travellers appeared during the night and the little community has suddenly swelled to 11 vans and motor homes.

We spent the day bringing some parts of the blog up to date such as the About Us page, the Our New Home page and the Our Old Home page. We also started planning for two new websites, a product that we can sell at local Farmers Markets as we travel and the continuing conversion of our programs to web based applications.

We took a walk around the lake in the afternoon and although it was very boggy in parts it was a delight to view the little lakeside mobile community from across the other side of the lake.

The Aussie Wide from the "Other Side" of Dumaresq Dam

The Aussie Wide from the “Other Side” of Dumaresq Dam

The upper reaches of the Dumaresq Dam

The upper reaches of the Dumaresq Dam

We met another resident who is also New Zealand born, from Wellington, and has been in Australia one year longer than me, thirty five years, and also like me has only been back for three short visits.  She invited us to join the group that meet in the middle of the park each afternoon and we look forward to that.

Two more vans arrived late today.

While we nearly all need a generator from time to time most tend to use them sparingly, just to top up batteries on a cloudy day or to add a little power for short periods. Some travellers, however, have rigs with more electronics that can be run by solar power alone, requiring the almost constant use of a generator. We’re hoping the latest arrivals are not of this group as we love this spot and we don’t particularly want to move on just yet.

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