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Exploring lovely Devonport

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This morning Devonport turned on a brilliant sunny crisp and clear day.
Although still cold it was just beautiful.

The view from our van. We went into the city to do some exploring and just as we were starting I got a call from my old mate Geoff. As is always the case whenever I talk to Geoff he inspires me to go up a notch in whatever I’m doing. That man has been such an important part of my life. I appreciate his friendship so much.
I got a splitting headache somehow so dropped a couple of Panadiene with no water and got that horrible taste in my mouth. Thought I would wash it away with a nice cup of coffee so while Kerrie was looking for some thermal underwear, (Yes true), I got us a cup of coffee. Kerrie arrived and took one sip of the coffee and just about gagged!

Lacey if you are reading this…Yes, we actually had the worst coffee anyone has ever made for us.
It tasted like Himalayan yak urine. The good thing was it could not spoil the day.

Everything we saw in this wonderful place was beautiful.


It seems to us to be a city where the authorities and citizens alike take great pride in their home.
The parks and public places are manicured, green and blossoming.
Homes are well kept and mostly very attractive. With its location spanning both sides of the Mersey River, it seems water is everywhere. Just a minute or two driving north and you’re at the sea and it’s wild, yet spectacularly beautiful. It truly matches my favourite place of Moffat Head and that really is saying something!

Kerrie and I were talking about the trip so far while gazing out over the crystal clear ocean and we came to the realisation that we have not stopped at a single place yet where we couldn’t happily live at. We never seem to tire of discovering the intrinsic beauty of this country.

We are going to try to get 3 more days at the van park we are currently staying in and use this as a base to go up to Cradle Mountain and up and down the coast. If we can get another 3 days we’ll take off for Cradle Mountain tomorrow morning. We stopped off at St Vinnie’s to get some warm clothes and I got an amazing double jacket for $15, a perfect warm shirt for $4.50 and a pair of long pyjamas for $1.75.

We are still pinching ourselves every day at the blessings God has given us that allow us to do this.

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