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Family Reunion

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After clearing the Redclaw traps early, (only 4 this morning), and taking about 15 minutes to pack up and get underway we headed out of Theresa Creek Dam toward Moranbah with the day already well on its way toward the predicted temperature of 35 degrees.

As we rolled past the Clermont Mine for the last time and headed toward the Peak Ranges we noticed that the landscape was markedly more fertile.

Maybe this is a result of the types of soil that were left after whatever cataclysmic upheaval caused the curious peaks in the area to ascend from beneath the earth.

Flat land surrounding different outcrops.

Flat land surrounding different outcrops.


Of the many peaks protruding straight from the plains the most notable is Wolfgang Peak.

Curious and beautiful from the first view of it on the horizon it prompts one to think of how this vertical monolith could have come to exist.

Could this enormous disturbance have been responsible for the formation of the many coal seams in the area? One can easily imagine the mind boggling force that caused these peaks to form washing the billions of tons of vegetation and animals that existed in the area into deep caverns to be buried under many metres of sediment. This would have no doubt caused the enormous pressure and heat combination required to turn the tons of vegetation and other life forms into the coal we treasure today as well as many of the other minerals in the area.

Of course this is at odds with the conventional theories of coalifiction that suggest a gradual building up of sediment over vegetation in a process spanning up to 350 million years.

I can see the possibilities of a very fast process possibly even taking place in just days. It is obvious that whatever caused the Peaks of this area to form was a one off event the magnitude of which has not been matched since, even by the many catastrophic earthquakes and volcanoes of the earth’s known history.

There are even studies that open the possibility that coal could be formed in as little as 36 weeks given the correct pressure, heat and lack of oxygen.

As we are travelling we often remark on the dead animals along the road. In this area many kangaroos are killed by cars and trucks. With the heat, the flies and the birds these carcases are stripped to skeletons very quickly.

There are no signs of a gradual covering up of sediment preserving a fully intact body before it decays, something that would have needed to happen on a monumental scale in the conventional theory of gradual processes forming coal and oil over millions of years.

We found the area between Clermont and Moranbah pleasant and relaxing.

Arriving in Moranbah we found a larger town than we had expected with the outer reaches showing signs of construction of mining workers camps every where.

We went directly to the Coal Country Caravan Park and settled as we were met by my brother Pete and my two Nieces Thalia and Hayley.


I hadn’t seen Pete for a few years and it was great to see him again.

Brothers will always be brothers.

Brothers will always be brothers.


I was astounded at how Thalia and Hayley had grown.

After a tour of the town and some food shopping we went back to their house to wait for Marilyn to finish work.

Chris and Peter

It was a moving experience for me to realise that this little part of my family had grown and prospered in this town and I had completely lost touch with them and there day to day lives.


I found my two nieces to have a combination of qualities that very rarely occur all together.

Firstly they are stunningly beautiful, quiet yet chatty, extremely intelligent, ( well into the higher education bracket), well spoken, very well mannered, able to talk freely on an adult level, intensely interested in what others have to say and very loving and respectful to their parents.

They both have eyes that seem to encourage conversation and sparkle with genuine interest at what you are saying.

To see the affection the girls have for their father and visa versa was heart warming.

Later Marilyn came home for work and even though it has been a number of years since we have seen her she has not aged at all.

Mayilyn is just the same but the girls have grown to beautiful young ladies.

Mayilyn is just the same but the girls have grown to beautiful young ladies.


Her smile and her warmness were as I had always remembered and again the respect and adoration of the daughters for the mother and the mother for the daughters was obvious.

This side of my family has a warmness and a connection between each other that will ensure their common success and contentment.

The girls were fascinated with the stories of the family past and especially the many relating to their Dad.

It was a wonderful evening that I hope will be repeated more often in the future. For many reasons I hope we never lose touch for so long again not the least of which is the fascination of watching these two intelligent girls achieve the heights of their desires.


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