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Farewell Brisbane

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After a hectic round of last-minute jobs and a quick trip to New Farm to pick up our HDMI monitor, we finally hit the road at 10:30 am.

As if to say farewell and to leave the perfect image of this wonderful home, the Yellow Rosebush out front exploded into full bloom and displayed the richest deep yellow colour.

We got to Moree at 7.15 pm NSW time and took about 10 mins to set up the van. Kerrie got what she was so looking forward to – a swim in a hot thermal pool. It was wonderfully invigorating after driving all day. No chance to see the sites of bustling Moree as we’ll have dinner watch a bit of TV, (hoping the monitor works as we haven’t tested it yet), and then into bed for an early night and early start in the morning for Parkes.

Missing you all heaps.

By Kerrie: Well  I can not believe the number of semi-trailers on the road. Large double ones, road trains. There would have to be 5 trucks to every car. I suppose the inland Hwys are less crowded. We have decided we need air conditioning NOW!. It’s hot and you have to lock everything up here. Air conditioning will make it easier.


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