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Finley – The end of the 3rd day out.

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Well, we’ve sure covered some miles already!

We’ve already seen some magnificent scenery courtesy of this vast country.

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The images that will stick most in our minds from today, and probably yesterday as well, are the huge farms. Mostly dead flat paddocks 2 or 3 kilometres wide stretching literally for miles between houses. There’s got to be enough grain on these properties to feed the world. I’ve seen these vast farms from the air flying to Melbourne but the sheer size of them from ground level is staggering.

Wheat, sorghum etc and mostly golden in colour. Beautifully contrasting colours appear as the sky changes from bright blue to stormy black. Apart from a few trees that’s all, there is – unending golden fields and sky, for hundreds of kilometres. There’s been heaps of rain and flooding in the whole Riverina / Murray area and you can see more evidence of it than in many parts of Brisbane, certainly more than the Lockyer Valley.

The small towns we passed through, and occasionally detoured to see are fascinating. Some are very old, some are neat and tidy some look as if the inhabitants have just given up on life. Almost every town shows signs of past prosperity that do not appear to be there now – not on the surface anyway. Of course, it’s not good to judge from outward appearances but you can’t help getting that impression.

We stopped at a quaint little town called “Grong Grong”. So small and old yet boasts some impressive old buildings.

The little town of Finley where we’re staying tonight is pleasant and old. The Van park is right beside a picturesque lake and is quiet and friendly.


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