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Geelong and Bell’s beach

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After working quite late last night and late into this morning we decided to go for a run to Geelong and out to Bells Beach. Kerrie had always wanted to see Bell’s Beach and as there are a few van parks out Geelong way we thought we’d check them out pending an imminent move to better surroundings than those which we are “enjoying” at lovely Rockbank. We also wanted to casually check out a few vans. It’s quite a drive from Rockbank to Geelong and the scenery is mainly flat farmland but arriving there was a pleasant surprise. Neither of us realised it was such a large city.  It’s also a very clean looking vibrant place that we’ll definitely come back and explore. We drove out to the start of the Great Ocean Road where the coastline can only be described as breathtaking. We stopped at Jan Juc and then drove on to Bell’s Beach.

I have always wanted to see Bells Beach since the movie "Point Break" with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze...mmm

I have always wanted to see Bells Beach since the movie “Point Break” with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze…mmm

From our vantage point high up on the cliff tops we were able to see not only the beach which has such a reputation amongst surfers, but right out over Bass Strait toward our beloved Tasmania. We were surprised to see large grandstands built along the cliff tops where many hundreds of people watch the surf carnivals that are common on the beach below.

See the Grand stands along the cliffs.

See the Grand stands along the cliffs.

We’re going to come back here over the next couple of weeks when we explore the Great Ocean road properly. We went back to Geelong and checked out some really nice van parks We’ll wait till next week when we should have a better idea of how long it will take us to complete this new round of work from the university and if we are going to be in Melbourne for the next few weeks we’ll probably move here to Geelong enabling us to check out this whole region. We drove back to Rockbank through the back road to Bacchus Marsh. You will remember that Lloyd and Nola from when you stayed there. We stopped at Melton and got some groceries and then well after dark arrived back to the little home by which time it was very cold. It was so nice to relax in the warmth and the cosy comfort of the van, have a nice meal, a bit more work and then bed.

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