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We’re settling into a nice routine at Disney station.

We’ve met all the terrific people that own and run the farm. They’re all helpful and keen to share information about the property they are all obviously proud of.

The youngest farmhand is Bailey whose just six weeks old.

We’ve made our first supply run into Clermont.
It’s 150km each way but the beauty of the country makes it an easy trip.
Everything we need is in Clermont and the shops are friendly and helpful. The 2 IGA stores and the butcher are our main sources of supply.

We filled 3 x 70 litre eskys and a 50 litre Engle fridge with meat, frozen food and cold goods along with a full load of dry goods. The quality of meat from the Clermont butcher is excellent, especially their awesome snags.
Not sure why but even after the 300 km round trip the task of unpacking and storing the supplies seemed easier than normal. Maybe it’s because we’ve set the camp up slightly differently making unloading to the cold room and freezer easier.

Supply run to ClermontThe supply run to Clermont

The camp is situated next to a corridor where cattle are driven to the yards ready for loading onto trucks to be taken to the feedlot for fattening.

The first sign we get of cattle arriving is the cloud of dust disturbed by 300 sets of very heavy hooves.

Dust CloudDust cloud from hundred of heavy hooves

As the dust cloud gets nearer we see the lead stockmen on horseback which the cattle are following. If these lead horsemen stop and turn to face the herd, the herd stops. They’re trained to do this over four days previous to the move.

The stockmen stop to open the gates and then proceed to lead the cattle into the corridor to the yards.

Horses and Mustering

The cattle are sorted and any calves removed before being loaded on to trucks to be shipped to the feedlot for fattening.Truck1
The first truckload of cattle

Truck 2
The second load of cattle

Baldy, the site manager has given us the use of a room in the house to use as an office.
Because of this office, we don’t need to set up the caravan annexe, making it easier to take advantage of the 5 days break the Gore crew has off every 3 weeks. Mackay, Townsville, Bowen, Airlie beach etc. are all waiting to be explored.

This awesome office not only overlooks the stunning scenery of the farm but gives us a birdseye view of all the comings and goings. You’d think because of the isolation not much happens but it’s the opposite. Something new is always dragging our attention.
We need to discipline ourselves a lot better to get our work done on our own business.

The Office
The office

There are two ladies working on this job, Billy and Anne Marie. This is the first time we’ve ever had ladies on the crew, except for Kerrie.
One of the ladies, Billy, had a birthday on Thursday so the whole crew, including us, celebrated at the Belyando Crossing pub 30 km down the road.

Billy & Ann Marie
Two ladies on the crew

Belyando Pub
The Belyando pub by day

Belyando pub by night
Belyando pub by night

We’ve now had the time to go and check out the work site. It’s a large water storage dam that will help feed the irrigation pivots that irrigate four huge fields of fodder. These fields will be used to fatten cattle.

pivotsThere are currently 4 of these huge irrigation pivots

Water Truck and Laser Bucket
The water truck and laser bucket

Changing Scraper Tyre
Baldy & Matt changing a scaper tyre

Main pump site
The main pump site – very similar to Koramba

Gore earthmoving are building a new water storage dam is being built to join the existing one.

west wall dam

Existing dam
An identical wall will be built at the other end

It’s going to be fascinating watching it all take shape.

We usually take lunch out to the site on a Sunday just to give the guys something a bit different. This Sunday was hot dogs with chilli beef, onions and cheese and satay chicken wings. We serve it all from the back of the car in hot eskys.

As soon as the guys heard we’d arrived there was a flurry of activity and rush to where we’d parked.

Disney has horses everywhere.
Mustering is carried out on horseback and horses are never far from sight.
Horses are bred here and trained here in the yards that our office overlooks.
Saddles and gear are mainly kept in the saddelry which has to be 100 years old.

Disney HorsesHorses are everywhere on Disney

Sunset over horses

SaddleryThe old saddlery still used today

Truly this is a fascinating place!

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